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Newbie Program Owner Lesson Video for Creating Program Walkthroughs

Blurring Doesn’t Work — YouTube Didn’t Save the Changes on My Video

The Custom Blur feature in the YouTube editing area is not at all user-friendly. I tried a few times to use it for obscuring my personal profile information in my Pizza Plan members area.

Finally, after waiting forever for my video to be processed for the third time only to find out that the blurring didn’t work, I asked the Telegram group about the best way to get that done.

That is when @blainjones answered and told me to just create a junk account with fake information.
I can do that.

I am the owner after all.

I am so new that I must have forgotten that I have seen that done elsewhere before at some point.
I was able to get my tutorial done and posted. It was very easy after learning that.

Thank you,@rcaine for your helpful feedback about the recording volume on my Pizza Plan walk-through video.

So, I have actually learned two new things.

In case you haven’t seen it, @markhodge wrote an awesome post promoting The Pizza Plan, entitled Shiny Object or Evergreen Plan.

Really appreciate the very nice review.

That is about all I have for you today!

Time for me to dive into some ListNerds curation.

Looking forward to going through my inbox there today.

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