Welcome to My Blog! You will find information here about creating a lifestyle of your choosing which will include advice about how to build a business online that you can run from anywhere you happen to be. 


My name is Lisa Gentile and I am a full time Affiliate Marketer.

I went back to college in my early thirties to finish my Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree after that.

Even though I went to college I have learned that college or university isn’t the answer for everyone.


#3StepsNoExcuses — Curation a.k.a Liking is Rewarding, Use the A.C.A. Strategy in Your Email Marketing & You Gotta Have Passion!

I just completed my tasks for Day 29 of the #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge! Click Track Profit — CTPtalk Module –Curation Lesson What does curation mean? Curation is simply liking, or in the case of CTPtalk and Hive, upvoting other peoples’ content. I get rewards in the form of CTP tokens and Hive tokens each time I …

#3StepsNoExcuses Day 28 Two More CTPtalk Lessons, Testing Data from List Nerds on Our Own Lists and Asking Questions in the Click Track Profit Telegram Group!

Click Track Profit Step — Commenting On & Creating Content for CTPtalk! We watched another two lessons in the CTPtalk module in Click Track Profit today. In the first lesson we learned how really simple it is to comment on other peoples’ content on CTPtalk and get up upvoted and earn CTP tokens. A few …

#3StepsNoExcuses — Why Blog on CTPtalk & How to Log In, Winning by Not Quitting and Thank the People Who Help You!

Today is Day 27 of our adventure! Two lessons for our Click Track Profit step from the CTPtalk module Winning by Not Quitting and Showing gratitude to the people who help you. Our Click Track Profit step today had two lessons for us to view. The first was about why we should build our brand …