Starting Over Again

And this time, I will have one blog to share all of my interests.

I have a couple of other domains and trying to keep up with building on them got to be too much to keep track of.

Instead they will be redirected to this domain.

Those domains are: which is about the best ways to invest the 1440 minutes we have each day. which is about personal finance in general and more specifically about creating a budget for your online business.

So, what will I be sharing here?

My Solopreneur Journey

I chose this path because opening a brick-and-mortar any type of business is never what I wanted to do.

I worked in the restaurant industry, I worked in a beauty salon, at a bank as a teller, and I worked in the corporate world for a few years too.

I learned from all of those experiences that managing people and being on someone else’s timetable are not for me.

The business that contributed to losing our home was a franchise business.

It wasn’t a brick and mortar but it still required a huge investment.

We took out a home equity loan and that was just before the big crash in 2008.

The business was in home tutoring. Yeah, I had to find tutors to work with students one on one in their homes. Then the crash and noone was going to be paying a minimum of $45 USD an hour for tutoring for their kids. I couldn’t sell it anyway. And then there was finding and interviewing tutors and having sales meetings with potential clients. None of that is for me.

So, the Solopreneur path is what I am on.

I can still be in a community which I like but I am only managing myself.

That’s enough.

A Bump in the Road

A few things have changed since I relaunched The Pizza Plan a couple of years ago.

First of all I discovered that people were unable to join my Pizza Plan membership site. This happened late last year. The script just wasn’t working anymore. And when people signed up they were getting an error code.

I didn’t build the site myself and I have no programming or web development experience. So I took down the membership site and was trying to find an alternative.

The Tracking Program and the Educational Platform are being redone

Most recently, the Autoresponder, Trafficwave, closed their doors.

I already had a back up for that which is Leads Leap. More about that later on.

I have been procrastinating for many months around getting this back up and running again.

I got overwhelmed about all the changes and needing to rewrite the book, etc.

That is why I chose to consolidate everything to one blog.

And I will have no excuses for not keeping up anymore.

Getting Back on Track, Slowly

It’s a journey, after all.

One of the things I am going to be doing is sharing these blog posts to my Web 3.0 account.

And pulling some RSS feeds from other blogs to here.

That is all for Today!

Have a great day and I will be back here soon.

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