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Welcome To My Work At Home Life!

I am here to share my lifestyle of choice! I decided a few years ago that I was not going to work for a boss anymore, EVER! My last job outside the home was physically damaging. I worked in a warehouse after not having had a physically demanding job for a very long time. It got to where my left arm was numb from my shoulder to my fingertips after only a four hour shift.

There were other aspects of that job that I didn’t want to put up with just to have a paycheck. It was supposed to just be a seasonal job anyway. So after a few months I quit.

We Need One Week’s Notice

I find it interesting that when someone wants to quit a job they are expected to give some kind of notice. However, when they want to quit you they just let you go without so much as a by your leave.  The day that I decided to quit said warehouse job I called and told them that I quit. They told me that I had to give a week’s notice in order to be eligible to return to work there if I decided to come back. I was not going to go back but I played their ridiculous game and stayed on another week. It was really four days and I just showed up and put in the hours.

Credit Card Debt From Not Having a Paycheck

While I was still working a getting a paycheck I was using several credit cards to build an online business. I continued to use them thinking that I would get the money somehow to pay them off. Several months went by and the credit cards got up over 5k total. They were calling the apartment, of course. I finally had to tell my husband what was going on. He was livid with me for a couple of days. I didn’t blame him. I am lucky that he chose to be with me and help me pay off the debt.  I am now very transparent with what  I am spending to build my online business and my loving husband is supporting me.

Sticking to My Choice Even Though it is not Always Easy

I have been working at home more or less steadily for a couple of years.  In the fall and winter of 2017 until  early 2018 I took a hiatus.  I was diagnosed with Stage 0 Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Early stage breast cancer.  I had not had a mammography for 15 years since the first one I had in 2002.  I was very lucky it was caught before it became invasive and aggressive.  I was also fortunate that I did not have to go to work while recovering from surgeries and radiation therapy.

The reason I say it is not always easy is because truthfully I am not making very much money yet. However,  while making money is nice,  the best part for me is having my freedom everyday.   I have so much to share with you about what I am doing and other jobs that I have had that. I get up every morning knowing that I don’t have to go out and sit in work traffic to go somewhere that I don’t want to be and put up with nonsense office politics and supervisors breathing down my neck.  I can work at my kitchen table or in front of the TV (yes, I do that sometimes), or at my desk in our second bedroom.  I save a ton of money on buying clothes.  I get to rock my sweats or microfleece pajama bottoms  and sweatshirts.  It is the life I have always wanted. Seriously.

My Why

My goal and biggest reason for building a business online and working from home is to be able to make enough so that when my husband decides to retire he can feel comfortable with his decision.  He is a bit older than I am and is really at full retirement age but he has come this far and wants to max out his social security benefits.  He went through a tough time for many years.  Because of that we are still playing catch up with finances.  Three layoffs in the space of  10 years will do that. More on that later. So, yes for that reason I want to be successful and make enough money for us to live comfortably when he retires.

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