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Happy Monday!

Waiting For Another Snow Storm and Happy I Work at Home!

Good Morning Everyone,

We are waiting for another snowfall here in Southeastern Wisconsin. I have already cancelled a breakfast outing that I had tentatively planned for tomorrow because I don’t leave my apartment when it snows. We are supposed to get as much as 5 to 8 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow evening. As you may have guessed I am not a fan of the white stuff or being out in it.

How I Spent the Past Weekend!

Saturday I spent working online early in the day and on Saturday evening we went out to my nephew’s house to see my sister (his mom) and wife and their two young sons (my great nephews). They enjoyed not having to take those babies out in the cold weather. They just about have to pack up the whole house just to get them to my parents’ house for a visit. Okay, exaggerating just a bit. It was a great visit. Had a nice dinner. My parents made lasagna and we had salad and garlic bread. It was a relatively early evening. We got home nice and early so there was plenty of time to wind down before bed.

Yesterday, Sunday, I didn’t do very much online. Roy and I ran a couple of errands after breakfast. When we came back he worked on the taxes and I did some other household chores. It is nice to have time to catch up on the things we don’t have time for during the week.

No, We Did Not Watch the Grammy Awards Last Night!

I think we are unique in that we don’t watch award shows or the Super Bowl. No, we didn’t watch the Super Bowl either. We don’t hate the Super Bowl or Award shows. It is more an indifference and a preference to spend the time we have off doing things that will enhance our lives.

That is All for Today!

Have a nice Monday! I will be back here again soon to share more of my online journey.

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