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Another Reason to Create Your Own Economy

You Can’t Rely on Keeping Your Job!

The other night we got a call from my husband’s daughter. She is a performer at an amusement park. They are closing the show that she has been in since she started there.

Her father and I have been telling her for months that she should start looking for other work.

What if You Don’t Want to Leave Your Job?!

Expand your skills and look at what else you can do in your industry. Do you want to find a way to work at home and stay in your industry? The important thing here is to update your skills and you will not have to fear the worst.

Great Book About Creating a Side Hustle and Updating Your Skills

Read The Side Hustle Bible by James Altucher. Get a hold of it and read it for content and then go through it again and again. There are so many examples of people who have taken the skills they have, updated them and created Side Hustles. They have been able to quit their jobs if they wanted to or just worked at both their job and their side business. I am going to have this book forever because I am always looking for new ideas for new businesses.

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