Challenges Are a Gift — They Teach Us Lessons About Ourselves!

When you try something new you like it to work the first time, right? I mean who doesn’t?! The problem with that is that we don’t really learn anything when everything just keeps going smoothly.

We need to hit that wall and then get past it. No worries. Asking for help is fine. I used to think that I had to figure it out on my own. But it’s good to share your challenges and ask your community for help. Guaranteed you’re not the only one who has that question. Just like in school. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask for help.

I ran into a challenge today! Last week I bought two CHAOS Legion Packs in Hive Engine. Found out that in order for them to benefit me I had to bring them from Hive Engine into Splinterlands. Okay, great! I asked around and my friend Chris, @mba2020, shared an article with me that he that he found with instructions.

I Found the Article and Read the Instructions But….

Something just wasn’t working. I needed to log in to both Splinterlands and Hive Engine. Did that.

You can find the instructions in the article but here is just a real quick summary. When you are logged into Splinterlands click on the cards icon, then go over to the right hand side of the page where it says inventory and click on other. You will get a list that looks like this

but it will have CHAOS Legion Packs in there as part of your inventory if it goes right the first time.

Mine were not there. My next step was to ask Blain for help. Blain asks every morning in our Inner Circle Telegram Group how they can help us build our business.

This picture is from Chris. His account had the packs. He was able to follow the other steps in the instructions in the post.
This is from my account. The packs did not show up. So I used Blain’s work around.

I shared what I was trying to do and what I had done and that it wasn’t working. Blain’s work around went really quick. I went to Hive Engine and my wallet where the CHAOS packs were and went to the right side with the stack that looks like a menu.

There are 0 packs because I took this screenshot after the transfer.

When you do that one of the options will be transfer. Click on it and a transfer form will come up

I filled that in with where I wanted to send my 2 CHAOS Packs and hit send. And then

Up on the right is where it shows that the packs were transferred to my Splinterlands account. I refreshed the page and they show up in my inventory now. This is where they need to be in order for me to benefit from them.

The Lesson Here Is

There is s always a way to get something done. Just have to be okay with being a little frustrated and willing to work through it. The only problem is that I waited too many days to get this done. I bought the packs on Thursday. I lost from Friday till today chances to earn from them. On the upside, I will know how to transfer them over and get that done quickly when I buy more of them this week. One more lesson! Don’t be afraid to get help.

See you tomorrow!

Sold My 1st and Only VOUCHER Yesterday!

VOUCHER tokens are one of the tokens in the Splinterlands Game. They are being air-dropped to people who have staked SPS (Splintershards) tokens. This is important because you need to have VOUCHER to buy the Chaos Legion Packs.

I want to accumulate HE-Index so I sold my VOUCHER yesterday and received 17.4 Hive. I used that and some of the Swap-Hive that was already in my account to buy 22 more HE-Index.

The first sell order I put in was a little over the highest bid at the time so it wasn’t moving. I cancelled that order and Jon told me to put it in just below the highest bid and it went real fast after I did that.

That purchase brought my HE-Index to 391. My first goal is to accumulate 500 HE-index. I went back to my Wallet in Hive-Engine to see what other tokens I could sell for more Hive. I sold enough to get my total HE-Index holdings to 400.

Why Do I Do it This Way?

The first reason is that the more HE-Index tokens I have the larger share of the VOUCHER tokens I will receive. HE-Index already has the tokens I would invest in anyway. And they are purchasing cards from Splinterlands to rent out now. So I will get a share of that as well.

The second reason is that I want to show people that it is absolutely possible to get into crypto without spending money they don’t have. I am creating content and commenting on and upvoting content from other people. I earn my crypto that way. Invest your time aka sweat equity.

Dollar Cost Averaging — Another Way In

Blain and Jon talk about dollar-cost averaging all the time. An example of it is:

Say you have 100 dollars available each month. Take that 100 dollars and divide it to invest in the crypto you are interested in accumulating from the projects you want to support. Never go over that amount each month. Depending on how much each token is you’ll either get more or less of it. But you will not have to stress out over the values going up and down and you’ll not spend what you can’t afford to lose.

It doesn’t have to be 100 dollars a month. You can start as low as 5 or 10 dollars a week. I have used a little bit out of pocket. But I have mostly been using what I earn from my activities. I have 80 percent of my first HE-Index goal. It’s great because all I do is accumulate, hold and earn from it. How simple, even easy is that?

So stop waiting around. This is so fun and easy to get involved.

See you tomorrow!