I Just Keep Grabbing the Low-Hanging Fruit so I Can Build My Token Stacks

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Another nice quiet weekend around here

That never bothers me.
The quieter the better.
Going to jump right into my progress report for this week.


Two Buy Days This Week!

1/15: Invested an extra 15 USD on Litecoin on 1/15 to trade and get enough Hive to buy Leo and power up 150 Leo for LPUD.
I sent $13.35 USD worth of Litecoin to Blocktrades.us to trade for Hive.
Received 37.595 Hive and deposited it to Hive Engine for Swap.Hive using the Swap feature on HivePay.io.
I got 37.520 worth of Swap.Hive after a fee of 0.075

1/19: Did my regular weekly buy a day early this week. Dad had a Dr. appointment on Friday so I wanted to be done ahead of time.

My fiat investment was 16 USD and I received 14.37 USD worth of Litecoin to trade for Hive tokens using Blocktrades.us.

Received 39.856 Hive from Blocktrades and used the Swap feature on Hivepay.io to deposit them to Swap.Hive in my Hive Engine wallet. Deposit was 39.776 after a fee of 0.080 Hive.

Did a few more trades and ended up with 39.96056379 Swap.Hive to invest




Total from 1/14: 3258

1/15: Bought 4 more at 0.41996999 Swap.Hive each
New total: 3262

1/18 Bought 2 at 0.43999979 Swap.Hive each
New total: 3264

1/19: Bought 40 from my weekly fiat investment at 0.4 Swap.Hive each
Only part of the order (7 INDEX) closed bringing me to 3271 HE-INDEX. Cancelled the remaining open order of 33 INDEX.
Put in a new buy order for 33 more INDEX at 0.42997989 Swap.Hive each.
That order completed and closed bringing me to a new total: 3304

Increase of 46 (1.41%) HE-INDEX tokens
4,696 away from goal of 8000 HE-INDEX
My math was incorrect last week.
41.3% of my goal is achieved.




Total from 01/14 : 845.528

1/15: Today is the first Leo Power Up Day for the year 2023.
I found out in this blog post from @hivebuzz, that in order to get the badge I need to power up 150 not 100. I bought 200 more Leo at 0.16944 Swap.Hive to add to what I already had.
Starting with 101.846 liquid LEO today
So I powered up a total of 301.846 LEO for the first LPUD of 2023
New total: 1147.374
Definitely earned the first


for this year!

1/16: Staked 1.328 New total: 1148.702

1/17 Staked: 1.352 New total: 1150.054
1/18 Staked: 3.337 New total: 1153.391
1/19 Staked 1.429 New total: 1154.82
1/20: Staked: 1.467 New total: 1156.287
1/21: Staked: 1.496 New total: 1157.783

312.255 (~37%) increase in staked LEO this week
2,842.217 away from initial goal of 4000 staked LEO
~29% of goal achieved




Total as of 1/14: 1750

1/15: Earned 3 more BBH from bbhbot so starting today with 1753 BBH
Bought 3622 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each
New total: 5375 which brings me to Level 2 for tipping and allows me to tip 5 each day.
Hit and surpassed goal of 5000 BBH
Setting new goal of 20000 BBH which is tipping Level 3

1/17: Earned 1 BBH token yesterday New total: 5376
Bought 750 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each New total: 6126

1/18: Earned 1 BBH token yesterday New total 6127
Bought 1319 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each New total: 7446

1/19: Bought 12554 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each to get me to Level 3 which is 20000 BBH holdings and allows me to send 20 BBH tips per day
New total: 20000

1/20: Earned 1 BBH New total: 20001

18,251 increase in BBH tokens this week.
Bought heavily because it is very affordable for me right now and I like grabbing the low hanging fruit.
My next goal is to get to: 30000 BBH
9,999 BBH away from that
~67% of goal achieved




Total as of 01/14: 101260.118

1/15: Claimed and staked: 27.732 New total: 101287.850
Won 10 LISTNERDS while reading Emails New total: 101297.850

1/16: Claimed and staked: 27.740 New total: 101325.590

1/17: Claimed and staked: 123.138 (95.369 from email sent on 1/9 that was verified and paid and 27.769 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS tokens)
New total: 101448.728

1/18: Claimed and staked: 27.782 New total: 101476.510

1/19: Claimed and staked: 55.583 New total: 101532.093
Bought 3115 more at 0.00484188 Swap.Hive each and transferred them to the ListNerds site so I could stake them.
New total: 104647.093

1/20: Claimed and staked: 28.666 New total: 104675.759

1/21: Claimed and staked: 28.664 New total: 104704.423

3,444.305 (3.4%) increase in staked LISTNERDS
95,295.577 away from next goal of 200000 staked LISTNERDS
52% of goal achieved



CTP Power on CTPtalk

Not staking CTP until after the launch of the new project that is coming up.

That is all for this week.
Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend.
See you next time.

What is Hive?

Last Weekly Update for January 2023

Weekly Update for 1282023.png
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Getting Ready for a Snowy Couple of Days Here in the Midwest

The last few snow events haven’t amounted to very much here in Southeast, Wisconsin. But this time we are supposed to get several more inches than the northern parts of the state.

Yesterday, I was out for lunch with a friend who I haven’t seen for awhile.
After that I went to the store to pick up some stuff we needed for cooking this weekend.

I found a recipe for risotto that can be done in the slow cooker so I don’t have to stand by the stove and stir it constantly.
We are having that with a lamb breast plate that will be cooked on the grill by my husband. It looks like a rack of ribs but lamb not pork or beef. He seasoned it yesterday so it will be very flavorful by the time he cooks it. We never had this cut of lamb before so it should be interesting to see how it turns out. We saw it in the Aldi sale flyer for this week. They get some unusual items in that store.

Tomorrow we are having crispy baked chicken wings for dinner during the Chiefs and Bengals playoff game. We haven’t figured out the rest of that meal yet. And to be honest, I probably will only watch the game for as long as it takes to have dinner and get the kitchen cleaned up.

On to the weekly Hive token stacking update…


Friday Buy Day 1/27/2023

My dollar cost averaging got a little boost this week. I was able to earn some extra Crypto ($3.00 USD worth of KAVA) on Coinbase.
And I invested my regular $16 USD for LTC
I had to convert the KAVA to LTC in order to send it to Hive.
I sent a total of $17.28 USD worth of LTC to Blocktrades for Hive tokens.

There was 0.00198301 Swap.Hive sitting in my wallet on Hive Engine. And like usual I used the Swap feature in HivePay.io to send 41.134 Hive tokens to Swap.Hive. After a fee of 0.082 Hive, 41.052 Swap.Hive were deposited in to my Hive Engine wallet
Then I did a few more trades to end up with 41.87522515 Swap.Hive to reinvest,



I am still holding the CTP tokens I am earning in their liquid form right now. I am not sure if I will need them staked or liquid to participate in the new CTP project.



LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 01/21: 104704.423

1/22: Claimed and staked: 363.367 (167.346 from email that sent on 1/14 that was verified and paid, 167.346 from a solo mail that was sent on 1/21, verified instantly and paid and 28.675 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 105067.790

1/24: Claimed and staked: 28.769 New total: 105096.559

1/25: Claimed and staked: 28.783 New total: 105125.342

1/26: Claimed and staked: 28.789 New total: 105154.131

1/27: Claimed and staked: 28.794 New total: 105182.925
Buy Day Purchase: Used 13 Swap.Hive to buy 3250 more LISTNERDS at 0.004 Swap.Hive each.
I transferred them in and staked them.
New total: 108432.925

1/28 Claimed and staked: 29.651 New total: 108462.576

3,758.153 (~3.6%) increase in staked LISTNERDS this week
91,537.424 away from goal of 200000 staked LISTNERDS
54% of goal achieved




Total from 1/21: 3304

1/27 Buy Day Purchase of 35 more INDEX tokens at 0.42 Swap.Hive each
New total: 3339

Increase of 35 (1.05%) HE-INDEX holdings this week
4,661 away from goal of 8000 HE-INDEX tokens
~42% of goal achieved




Total from 01/21 : 1157.783

1/22: Staked 2.528 New total: 1160.311
1/23: Staked 2.027 New total: 1162.338
1/24: Staked 1.517 New total: 1163.855
1/25: Staked 1.538 New total: 1165.393
1/26: Staked 1.559 New total: 1166.952
1/27 Staked 2.071 New total: 1169.023
1/28 Staked 1.627 New total: 1170.65

12.867 (~1.11%) increase in staked LEO tokens
2,829.35 away from goal of 4000 staked LEO
29% of goal achieved




Total as of 1/21: 20004

1/22: Buy order for 1167 at 0.0006 Swap.Hive each
1/23 Buy order still hasn’t completely closed.
Still waiting for 896.55 BBH
Right now my total of BBH holdings is 20275.45

1/24: Got 269.45 more BBH from Buy Order placed on 1/22
Cancelled open buy order for remaining 893.55 BBH
Total BBH holdings now 20278.45

1/26 Put in a buy order for 2351 BBH at 0.0006 Swap.Hive each
Buy Order is open as of yet.

1/27 Buy order closed and I earned two more BBH as well so I have 22631.45 BBH holdings right now.
Placed a Buy Day order for 24390 more BBH at 0.0006 Swap.Hive each. Buy Order is still open.

1/28 Buy order from 1/27 completed and closed. New total: 47021.45

27,017.45 (135%) increase in BBH token holdings this week
Surpassed the goal of 30000 that I set last week
Next goal is 65000 BBH
17,978.55 away from that
72% of goal achieved

50000 BBH holdings will allow me to tip 50 BBH tokens per day which is the highest level. But I am also earning Swap.Hive each week for my holdings.
So, I won’t be stopping at 50000 BBH.


That’s all for this week.


Hive Power Up Day for February 1st is only a couple of days away.

I missed the first one for this year. The plan is to not miss anymore.
That means that my buying priorities will change for the 1st and the 15th (LEO PUD) of each month going forward.

Enjoy the rest of your day and the weekend.

See you next time.

What is Hive?

Selling Some Books on Amazon Almost Covered My FIAT Dollar Cost Average Investment!

Cover Image For Friday Buy Day Update Post

Before We Moved Out of the Apartment

I boxed up some books that I knew I had no use for anymore and sent them into Amazon. It didn’t cost me much to send them in and they were just going to take up space. So I figured I might as well see what I could get for them using Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon program. As you know I have been investing $12.50 each week to grow my holdings of Hive Engine tokens. That includes staking Hive to reach my goal of Dolphin Status and increase my passive income from HE-Index.

Amazon sent $11.96 to my checking account this week. So my out of pocket is close to covered from selling a book or two that I had already sent to Amazon. Amazon fulfilled the order and sent me money. I still have books sitting there in an Amazon warehouse somewhere. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a start. And I didn’t have to go out and find the books. They were already sitting on my shelves. I just had to get off my butt and get them labeled and boxed up. Then I took them to the UPS store in town. Yeah, they take a chunk of money for that. But I look at it as outsourcing some of the work I would have to do here. Like customer service. They take care of that. It’s worth it to me. And if it funds my little operation here that’s another win.

My Out of Pocket Investment Went a Little Further This Week

I logged in to Coinbase to make my weekly buy of Litecoin. Every time I do this transaction I see that there is an option automate the buy to occur every week. I had been opting out of it. However, this time I didn’t opt out. While I was in Coinbase I noticed that there were more videos to watch and earn some other cryptos.

What I earned from viewing the videos and the FIAT I put in bought me just over 10 Hive this week.

I used the Swap Hive feature in Hivepay to send the Hive to my Hive Engine Wallet. Then I started looking for other coins to sell and see how much more Hive I could get. As it turned out I had some Voucher in my Hive Engine Wallet. The Voucher airdrops from Splinterlands restarted this week. The Voucher in my wallet was a dividend from my HE-Index holdings.

David Armstrong, @darmst5339, is a friend I have made in the Click Track Profit Community. He created a post a few days ago about finding Voucher that he didn’t know he had.


That is two of the reasons to be engaging on Hive. Making friends and learning from them. I went to my BeeSwap account and logged in with my Hive Keychain. At that point I had just over half of a Voucher. I let it sit there and this week there was 0.658 Voucher for me to sell for Hive. I had just sold the 0.769 Voucher from Index right before that. All told I ended up with around 18 Hive and used it to buy 22 more HE-Index tokens.

My HE-Index Holdings are up to 1,221.5545841

The CTP Token Staking Contest Is Still Going

Today I staked 143.065 more CTP tokens. I am just doing it because it’s fun to see how much I can increase my stake of CTP. After the contest is over on the 22nd of this month I will probably power a bunch of that down. Jon and Blain from CTP are launching a new project on January 13th 2022. You can listen to last night’s Thursday Night Live to learn why having liquid CTP will be important.

That is it for my update this week. Have a great Friday and see you again soon!

Awesome Things Happen When You Are Active, Stay Consistent, and Take Action!!

Last Night on the Crypto Monday webinar @blainjones gave away $1000 dollars worth of Crypto! The prizes went to the 23 people who finished the CTP Content Challenge that started in August and ended last month.

In order to complete the challenge, we had to create content on the blockchain using one account for 30 days in a row. We had to post our content by midnight UTC to count for that day and have #ctpcontent as one of the first tags. Blain took the time to read each of the posts and track where everyone was in the challenge. In my case, UTC was five hours ahead of my time zone which is Central Standard Time.

Crypto Monday Webinar was an Hour Earlier Last Night

Somebody had something else to do at 8 pm EST. It was actually good for people in the later time zones who have to stay up late to be on the live stream.

Jon and Blain started the webinar by talking about the upcoming project that is being launched on January 13th. You can watch the replay here! You’re going to want to stock up on CTP tokens and keep them liquid not staked.

Then the Prize Wheels

Blain talked about the CTP Content Challenge and that he would be spinning three prize wheels for the 23 people who completed the #ctpcontent Challenge. He wanted to give away $1000 and polled the community to ask how we’d like it done. We chose to have four different prizes. The 1000 dollar prize pool was split up into different amounts on the third wheel. Here is a link to Blain’s post with all the prizes and the people who won them : https://peakd.com/hive-119826/@blainjones/ctp-content-challenge-winners

My Turn to Win Came at Just After the 27 Minute Mark!

The next accumulation goal I chose for HE-Index is 1500. And the prize I won pushed me in that direction.

And the amount I won was a huge surprise:

Yeah, $100 worth of HE-Index added to my holdings! Pretty awesome stuff! So now I am up to 1,148 Index tokens. Just 352 tokens away from my next goal. Thanks again Blain and Jon! Congratulations Again to Everyone on the Prize Wheel!

The Next Challenge will be a Comment Challenge

Early next year! No date has been set as of yet.

See you next time!

My Friday Buy Day Update for 12/03/2021 — Getting Ready for Click Track Profit’s Project Bowtie Launch.

My $12.50 didn’t go that far this week. I am very happy that I got to my 50,000 CTP Power goal last week. CTP tokens have gone up a bit this week and it is a little more difficult to get them right now. I believe that is because next month on January 13th, 2022, Jon and Blain are launching what they call Project Bowtie. There will be an airdrop for people who have Swap.Hive and liquid CTP. Not sure of the rest of the details. I am also participating in the CTP Swarm CTP Staking Contest. My plan is to divide whatever I get from buying CTP tokens and earning them. The Staking contest ends on the 22nd of December. Then I will divide what I buy between staking, liquid CTP and Swap.Hive.

My Other Goals Will Be on the Backburner For Awhile

Yes, even my goal to reach Dolphin in Hive may wait till next year. I am still going to get whatever Hive I can from content creation, upvoting, and curating. Probably won’t get to Dolphin till early next year. And that’s okay! It’s not the end of the world for me. There are so many fun things going on that I want to be able to take part in as much as possible. I want to be flexible for whatever might come along too.

Check Out These Replays From Crypto Monday and Thursday Night Live

To learn more about Project Bowtie and other great things going on in the CTP Community!!

Crypto Monday Replay 11/29/2021 and Thursday Night Live Replay 12/02/2021

Now It Is Time to Go and Finish My Other Tasks for Today!

See you again soon!

Compromise or Sacrifice — Either One Will Get You What You Deserve — Which Path Will You Take?

A little background. Many years ago I bought a course called the Proven Amazon Course to learn how to sell items on Amazon. I did learn how to do that. And then decided that it wasn’t for me. I like the idea of selling physical products online but didn’t want the inventory cluttering my space at home.

Recently I sent some books to Amazon using their Fulfilled By Amazon program. That renewed my interest in the eCommerce business model. I never really lost interest but I still don’t want to put my hands on the inventory. That is a sticking point for me.

I belong to a group on Facebook started by the owner of the Proven Amazon Course. His name is Jim Cockrum. He wrote a book many years ago called The Silent Sales Machine. It has since gone through many editions. This year they are having a virtual conference called Ecommerce Opportunity 2022 Conference. It is free to people who have purchased the Proven Amazon Course. They are live streaming presentations today and tomorrow and they will be recorded as well.

One of the speakers I listened to this morning talked about how the voice we hear the loudest in our minds is our own. That means that we have to be really careful about how we talk to ourselves. He also talked about the two paths from which we need to choose. The first path is the one of compromise and giving up on our dreams. The second is one of sacrifice and not making excuses. Either path or choice will get us to the same destination which is what we deserve.

I Am Going to Stop Right Here!

Where will you be next year at this time?

Trying to Relax But Traveling Stresses Me Out

Is it still considered travel if you’re only going two hours away? It’s a little road trip anyway. My sister is hosting Thanksgiving at her house in Madison, WI. She wanted to do it last year but COVID took that away. So tomorrow morning Roy, Dad and I are heading out to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her son and some of our cousins.

Most of tomorrow is going to be spent setting up and prepping for the big Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. Our cousins are bringing the appetizers, desserts and wine. It will be fun to see them again. It’s been awhile.

My Dad is a born designer and decorator. When he was growing up it wasn’t acceptable for a man to pursue that as a career. But he and my mother spent years entertaining as a hobby and they were awesome at it. He is still awesome at it but gets frustrated with me because I haven’t picked up on the decorating and entertaining. There was a bit of tension going on between Dad and I earlier. I get very stressed and anxious and if I feel like too much is happening at the last minute, it’s worse. When my sister was here she picked up a bunch of supplies and chairs to take back. But we are still taking half the house with us tomorrow. Or so it seems. Believe it or not writing this blog post is helping to relieve some of that stress.

So now it’s time to chill out and relax and get some clothes and stuff packed for our little road trip. We’ll be back on Friday sometime. I am just glad we’re not having to get on a plane to go anywhere far. I’d rather not spend Thanksgiving stranded in an airport. Thank you very much. If you celebrate Thanksgiving Have a Happy One!

See you again soon!

More Fun with Metamask and My XTM Transaction

Tomorrow will be one week since I initiated the swap of XTM for ETH.

As of today when I logged into Metamask it showed the transaction as pending.

However, when I click on the transaction under Activity and then click on the arrow to go out to Etherscan, I get the result shown above. I just wish it would drop off already so I can start over and correct the mistake I made. Instead, I get to keep exercising patience and wait for it to do what it does. Whatever that is.

I found some more tokens in my wallet in Hive Engine to swap for some Hive and buy a couple more HE-Index tokens. This is the big reason I want to get that XTM swapped out and brought to Hive.

Not much else going on today. Bought a new mouse for my laptop. This time we bought a wireless one. The little one I had was wired and the cord was retractable. Thinking that it just got worn out. At first, we thought there was something wrong with the USB port on my laptop. I had another mouse that was laying around and we plugged that in to see if that was the case. Thankfully, no it wasn’t. But the mouse we plugged in had its own issue. The scroll wheel doesn’t work. Roy reminded me that it was the reason why we bought the little mouse in the first place.

So that’s been my Monday so far! Not horrible! Just some minor frustrations. Just keep pushing past them and moving right along. Enjoy the rest of your day!

On The Way to My Next Goal of 1000 HE-Index Tokens

Friday Isn’t the Only Day I Increase My Index Holdings

Each day I go to my Wallet on Hive-Engine to search for tokens to trade for Hive so I can buy more Index. As of today I am up to 544.79243031 HE-Index.

Now that I have reached that and surpassed that goal I am setting the next one for 1000 HE-Index. Haven’t set a date to reach it. The plan is to just keep stacking what I can everyday from what I am earning. Then on Fridays I will do my add my weekly FIAT allowance for buying in.

There are fees involved in trading and buying crypto currency. When I logged in to Coinbase today, I watched some videos that were available and the crypto I earned made up for the fees that would have reduced my $12.50 funding. It only took me a couple extra minutes to do that. Between that and the FIAT I was able to purchase around 15 more Hive to use for my purchase of Index.

My Fixation on Increasing My Index Holdings Has Taken Attention Away From My Hive Power Goal.

I am still 877.215 Hive away from Dolphin Status. I have only been claiming the Hive Power I am getting from commenting and curating. Haven’t been buying and powering up any Hive. So I either have to do way more content creation and curation or add to my out of pocket investment to get to the 5000 HP goal by the end of the year.

Percentage away from my Goal of 5000 Hive Power.

There are only six weeks left of the year. So I need to power up 146.2025 Hive each week to make it to 5000 by December 31st. I may have to switch up the way I am allocating my priorities.

One Thing That Would Help Is to Finally be able to Get those XTM tokens Brought Over to Hive.

As of today in my Metamask Wallet the transaction to swap XTM to ETH is still pending. But when I look at it in Etherscan it says that the transaction was dropped. It’s so confusing. It seems like I should be able to start the transaction over again and do it correctly. It would be nice to get this sorted out soon so that I can reach my Dolphin Status goal by the end of the year.

My CTP Power Holdings are Almost At 50000 CTP Power

I am leaving one of my delegations in place and it seems that someone else delegated 300 HP to me awhile back. I am at 49000.154 CTP Power with the delegations. So I only need around 999.846 to be at 50K CTP Power. I am keeping the 10K delegation I have out to the CTP Swarm Booster tribe @ctpsb because I want to support it and I am getting a return on it. So, more passive income for me.

That is all for my update this week. Just keeping consistent and stacking every day. Pretty simple. Not as easy to stay disciplined and on track. I am managing to do it though. Just a few more tasks for today and then I have the evening to myself.

My Wednesday So Far — Short and Sweet Post Today!

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

I made a choice yesterday. I am new to Metamask and it is not user-friendly. So, I could either have paid more gas fees to speed up a transaction that would have amounted to nothing or paid more gas fees to cancel. I am choosing to wait it out and hope it drops off and unsticks itself.

As I was finishing for the day yesterday, I tried logging out of my WordPress account and encountered a 403 Error. That was disturbing since I knew that I did nothing to cause it.

403 Forbidden Request Forbidden by administrative rules, Huh?

I shared the issue in the Inner Circle Mastermind Community. Blain told me to clear my cache in my browser. He also gave me the link to an article that might solve the issue. One of the options was letting it go and checking back later to see if it clears on its own. That is the one I chose to start out with. It was the right choice and I am very relieved.

That is all for today! See you again soon!