I Just Keep Grabbing the Low-Hanging Fruit so I Can Build My Token Stacks

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Another nice quiet weekend around here

That never bothers me.
The quieter the better.
Going to jump right into my progress report for this week.


Two Buy Days This Week!

1/15: Invested an extra 15 USD on Litecoin on 1/15 to trade and get enough Hive to buy Leo and power up 150 Leo for LPUD.
I sent $13.35 USD worth of Litecoin to Blocktrades.us to trade for Hive.
Received 37.595 Hive and deposited it to Hive Engine for Swap.Hive using the Swap feature on HivePay.io.
I got 37.520 worth of Swap.Hive after a fee of 0.075

1/19: Did my regular weekly buy a day early this week. Dad had a Dr. appointment on Friday so I wanted to be done ahead of time.

My fiat investment was 16 USD and I received 14.37 USD worth of Litecoin to trade for Hive tokens using Blocktrades.us.

Received 39.856 Hive from Blocktrades and used the Swap feature on Hivepay.io to deposit them to Swap.Hive in my Hive Engine wallet. Deposit was 39.776 after a fee of 0.080 Hive.

Did a few more trades and ended up with 39.96056379 Swap.Hive to invest




Total from 1/14: 3258

1/15: Bought 4 more at 0.41996999 Swap.Hive each
New total: 3262

1/18 Bought 2 at 0.43999979 Swap.Hive each
New total: 3264

1/19: Bought 40 from my weekly fiat investment at 0.4 Swap.Hive each
Only part of the order (7 INDEX) closed bringing me to 3271 HE-INDEX. Cancelled the remaining open order of 33 INDEX.
Put in a new buy order for 33 more INDEX at 0.42997989 Swap.Hive each.
That order completed and closed bringing me to a new total: 3304

Increase of 46 (1.41%) HE-INDEX tokens
4,696 away from goal of 8000 HE-INDEX
My math was incorrect last week.
41.3% of my goal is achieved.




Total from 01/14 : 845.528

1/15: Today is the first Leo Power Up Day for the year 2023.
I found out in this blog post from @hivebuzz, that in order to get the badge I need to power up 150 not 100. I bought 200 more Leo at 0.16944 Swap.Hive to add to what I already had.
Starting with 101.846 liquid LEO today
So I powered up a total of 301.846 LEO for the first LPUD of 2023
New total: 1147.374
Definitely earned the first


for this year!

1/16: Staked 1.328 New total: 1148.702

1/17 Staked: 1.352 New total: 1150.054
1/18 Staked: 3.337 New total: 1153.391
1/19 Staked 1.429 New total: 1154.82
1/20: Staked: 1.467 New total: 1156.287
1/21: Staked: 1.496 New total: 1157.783

312.255 (~37%) increase in staked LEO this week
2,842.217 away from initial goal of 4000 staked LEO
~29% of goal achieved




Total as of 1/14: 1750

1/15: Earned 3 more BBH from bbhbot so starting today with 1753 BBH
Bought 3622 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each
New total: 5375 which brings me to Level 2 for tipping and allows me to tip 5 each day.
Hit and surpassed goal of 5000 BBH
Setting new goal of 20000 BBH which is tipping Level 3

1/17: Earned 1 BBH token yesterday New total: 5376
Bought 750 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each New total: 6126

1/18: Earned 1 BBH token yesterday New total 6127
Bought 1319 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each New total: 7446

1/19: Bought 12554 at 0.00063 Swap.Hive each to get me to Level 3 which is 20000 BBH holdings and allows me to send 20 BBH tips per day
New total: 20000

1/20: Earned 1 BBH New total: 20001

18,251 increase in BBH tokens this week.
Bought heavily because it is very affordable for me right now and I like grabbing the low hanging fruit.
My next goal is to get to: 30000 BBH
9,999 BBH away from that
~67% of goal achieved




Total as of 01/14: 101260.118

1/15: Claimed and staked: 27.732 New total: 101287.850
Won 10 LISTNERDS while reading Emails New total: 101297.850

1/16: Claimed and staked: 27.740 New total: 101325.590

1/17: Claimed and staked: 123.138 (95.369 from email sent on 1/9 that was verified and paid and 27.769 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS tokens)
New total: 101448.728

1/18: Claimed and staked: 27.782 New total: 101476.510

1/19: Claimed and staked: 55.583 New total: 101532.093
Bought 3115 more at 0.00484188 Swap.Hive each and transferred them to the ListNerds site so I could stake them.
New total: 104647.093

1/20: Claimed and staked: 28.666 New total: 104675.759

1/21: Claimed and staked: 28.664 New total: 104704.423

3,444.305 (3.4%) increase in staked LISTNERDS
95,295.577 away from next goal of 200000 staked LISTNERDS
52% of goal achieved



CTP Power on CTPtalk

Not staking CTP until after the launch of the new project that is coming up.

That is all for this week.
Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend.
See you next time.

What is Hive?

Last Weekly Update for January 2023

Weekly Update for 1282023.png
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Getting Ready for a Snowy Couple of Days Here in the Midwest

The last few snow events haven’t amounted to very much here in Southeast, Wisconsin. But this time we are supposed to get several more inches than the northern parts of the state.

Yesterday, I was out for lunch with a friend who I haven’t seen for awhile.
After that I went to the store to pick up some stuff we needed for cooking this weekend.

I found a recipe for risotto that can be done in the slow cooker so I don’t have to stand by the stove and stir it constantly.
We are having that with a lamb breast plate that will be cooked on the grill by my husband. It looks like a rack of ribs but lamb not pork or beef. He seasoned it yesterday so it will be very flavorful by the time he cooks it. We never had this cut of lamb before so it should be interesting to see how it turns out. We saw it in the Aldi sale flyer for this week. They get some unusual items in that store.

Tomorrow we are having crispy baked chicken wings for dinner during the Chiefs and Bengals playoff game. We haven’t figured out the rest of that meal yet. And to be honest, I probably will only watch the game for as long as it takes to have dinner and get the kitchen cleaned up.

On to the weekly Hive token stacking update…


Friday Buy Day 1/27/2023

My dollar cost averaging got a little boost this week. I was able to earn some extra Crypto ($3.00 USD worth of KAVA) on Coinbase.
And I invested my regular $16 USD for LTC
I had to convert the KAVA to LTC in order to send it to Hive.
I sent a total of $17.28 USD worth of LTC to Blocktrades for Hive tokens.

There was 0.00198301 Swap.Hive sitting in my wallet on Hive Engine. And like usual I used the Swap feature in HivePay.io to send 41.134 Hive tokens to Swap.Hive. After a fee of 0.082 Hive, 41.052 Swap.Hive were deposited in to my Hive Engine wallet
Then I did a few more trades to end up with 41.87522515 Swap.Hive to reinvest,



I am still holding the CTP tokens I am earning in their liquid form right now. I am not sure if I will need them staked or liquid to participate in the new CTP project.



LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 01/21: 104704.423

1/22: Claimed and staked: 363.367 (167.346 from email that sent on 1/14 that was verified and paid, 167.346 from a solo mail that was sent on 1/21, verified instantly and paid and 28.675 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 105067.790

1/24: Claimed and staked: 28.769 New total: 105096.559

1/25: Claimed and staked: 28.783 New total: 105125.342

1/26: Claimed and staked: 28.789 New total: 105154.131

1/27: Claimed and staked: 28.794 New total: 105182.925
Buy Day Purchase: Used 13 Swap.Hive to buy 3250 more LISTNERDS at 0.004 Swap.Hive each.
I transferred them in and staked them.
New total: 108432.925

1/28 Claimed and staked: 29.651 New total: 108462.576

3,758.153 (~3.6%) increase in staked LISTNERDS this week
91,537.424 away from goal of 200000 staked LISTNERDS
54% of goal achieved




Total from 1/21: 3304

1/27 Buy Day Purchase of 35 more INDEX tokens at 0.42 Swap.Hive each
New total: 3339

Increase of 35 (1.05%) HE-INDEX holdings this week
4,661 away from goal of 8000 HE-INDEX tokens
~42% of goal achieved




Total from 01/21 : 1157.783

1/22: Staked 2.528 New total: 1160.311
1/23: Staked 2.027 New total: 1162.338
1/24: Staked 1.517 New total: 1163.855
1/25: Staked 1.538 New total: 1165.393
1/26: Staked 1.559 New total: 1166.952
1/27 Staked 2.071 New total: 1169.023
1/28 Staked 1.627 New total: 1170.65

12.867 (~1.11%) increase in staked LEO tokens
2,829.35 away from goal of 4000 staked LEO
29% of goal achieved




Total as of 1/21: 20004

1/22: Buy order for 1167 at 0.0006 Swap.Hive each
1/23 Buy order still hasn’t completely closed.
Still waiting for 896.55 BBH
Right now my total of BBH holdings is 20275.45

1/24: Got 269.45 more BBH from Buy Order placed on 1/22
Cancelled open buy order for remaining 893.55 BBH
Total BBH holdings now 20278.45

1/26 Put in a buy order for 2351 BBH at 0.0006 Swap.Hive each
Buy Order is open as of yet.

1/27 Buy order closed and I earned two more BBH as well so I have 22631.45 BBH holdings right now.
Placed a Buy Day order for 24390 more BBH at 0.0006 Swap.Hive each. Buy Order is still open.

1/28 Buy order from 1/27 completed and closed. New total: 47021.45

27,017.45 (135%) increase in BBH token holdings this week
Surpassed the goal of 30000 that I set last week
Next goal is 65000 BBH
17,978.55 away from that
72% of goal achieved

50000 BBH holdings will allow me to tip 50 BBH tokens per day which is the highest level. But I am also earning Swap.Hive each week for my holdings.
So, I won’t be stopping at 50000 BBH.


That’s all for this week.


Hive Power Up Day for February 1st is only a couple of days away.

I missed the first one for this year. The plan is to not miss anymore.
That means that my buying priorities will change for the 1st and the 15th (LEO PUD) of each month going forward.

Enjoy the rest of your day and the weekend.

See you next time.

What is Hive?

Change in my Daily Personal Schedule So I am Changing My Update Day!

Doing Some Reception Work During Tax Season

That is the change in my personal schedule that brought about the timing change for this post.

My cousin’s son-in-law is a CPA and she started helping him in his office last year with one or two other people. One of the ladies they hired this year wasn’t able to work after all because of her commitments. So, they thought of asking me and I am very grateful.

Never hurts to have a little extra coming in. Even if it is only temporary. I got the job in the old school way like when I was in high school and after. Hey, I need help in my business for so many hours a week. Can you do it? Yeah, great when do I start? How about this week Friday? Perfect. See you then.

It wasn’t exactly like that. But there was no interview needed. Like I said I have pretty regular contact with these cousins. I worked yesterday from 8 am till 1 pm. And I will be working there for about 12 to 15 hours a week till April 15th. I like that too. A nice little temp gig to do something different and help out family. They pay isn’t bad either.

Yeah, I am having to get used to my schedule and routine changing. I think that is good in some ways. Knocks me off my comfort zone for a bit. That is another reason why I agreed to do it. When I told my sisters that I was going to be doing this, they of course were happy to hear it. The youngest of us who knows my daily routine mentioned that I won’t be able to wear sweats and pajamas. LOL But the dress code is still pretty relaxed.

And Now to My Financial Update on Hive

The work for this post started yesterday afternoon. When I logged in to Coinbase there were a few videos to watch to earn 3 dollars in RNDR tokens. Render is a block-chain based graphics rendering program. The other task to earn another 4 dollars I just completed this morning. I will use that toward my crypto purchases this next week.

I always take advantage of watching those because they give a little boost to my dollar cost average fiat investment. And the 4 dollars was earned by downloading the Coinbase Wallet app and connecting it to Coinbase. Having the Coinbase Wallet gives you custody of your crypto. Couldn’t figure out yesterday why it was taking so long for the connection to happen between Coinbase and the Coinbase Wallet. So this morning while I was working on this post I decided to add the Coinbase App to my phone and the Coinbase Wallet to my Chrome browser. I am sure why but not long after I did that the connection completed and I received my 4 dollars.

This Week’s Hive Power Progress

I did my usual weekly purchase of Litecoin with $12.50 and that with the $3 in RNDR converted to Litecoin as well gave me about 12 and a half Hive. This week’s Hive I powered up to get me to 4,512.872 HP

Hive Power Last Friday 2/4/2022: 4,486.628 HP

Hive Power as of Today, 2/12/2022: 4,512.872

Increase of 26.244 for the week. Or a 0.58 percent increase. That’s really small. But still in the right direction.

And now I am at 90% of my Dolphin Goal.

Didn’t Accumulate Many More HE-Index Tokens This Week.

I only increased my Index holdings to 1,332.3. So, next week the 1500 goal of Index will be my focus.

At this point I am 88 percent there. The 4 dollars I earned from that task on Coinbase is going toward buying Index this week.

Finally got My First Email Verified in List Nerds!!!

I checked my account this morning before I started writing this post. With that I earned 10.127 LISTNERDS tokens. So with the price of LISTNERDS at 2 dollars per token I earned 20 dollars for one email.

I was pretty excited to see that.

On the Crypto Monday Webinar this last week (2/7), Jon and Blain were talking about why earning and staking LISTNERDS and CTP tokens on the List Nerds Platform is so important. Watch the replay by clicking here : https://fb.watch/b7EyiIPlE7/ or on the screenshot.

I had 0.594 LISTNERDS ready to claim from daily activity plus what I earned from the verified email. When you claim your LISTNERDS it gets staked automatically. I have been doing that every day.

When ListNerds was launched I unstaked 10K CTPtokens and brought them over to ListNerds to stake them. The CTP tokens you have in ListNerds give you voting power. So you can earn CTP in List Nerds by voting for other people’s emails to help get them verified.

As of today, I have 11,096.629 CTP tokens staked in ListNerds which allows me to vote on 443 emails in my inbox on ListNerds. And then I will earn more CTP from voting on and helping to verify emails. I will be claiming and staking 6 more CTP tokens within ListNerds today from what I did yesterday. Time to upvote verify more emails.

Any CTP tokens I Have Been Earning on the CTPtalk Platform Are Being Staked There

I want to build that CTP power back up to over 50K. That is where it was before I transferred 10K to ListNerds. I am very happy that I had the tokens available to do that. It only took 7 days to get them unstaked to transfer over. I have 63 CTP tokens waiting to be staked right now.

Until the last 2 plus years that I have been here on the Hive blockchain, I never believed that I could earn money from just being active, engaged and not harassing people to buy stuff.

That is all I have for this week. See you next Saturday for a new update. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

A Little Bonus Hive Today

It Took Me More Than A Week to Access The Old Coinbase Account

I created it with a cell phone number that I no longer use.

There were a couple of hoops I had to jump through to get access and have the phone number changed.

  1. Contact Coinbase Support
  2. Create a new account to use for ID verification. With this I had to take pictures of my Driver’s License front and back and a selfie. This is the part that took the longest. It wasn’t made clear that I didn’t have to be in the picture with my license pictures. Before that I couldn’t figure out why my camera wasn’t working and it just showed the OBS logo with a line through it. Turned out that I needed to turn on the virtual camera in OBS studio.
  3. Once all that was done and my ID verified they changed the phone number in my account and closed the spare account.
  4. I logged into the account I am trying to close and found out that I had funds in there to transfer out first. This was sort of fun though because I got some extra Hive tokens from converting Bitcoin Cash to Litecoin and transferring it to my Hive wallet. It got me 7 extra Hive to Power up for my Dolphin Goal. I had some Bitcoin in there that I sent over to Freebitcoin. I also had some BSV that isn’t supported on Coinbase so I had to get an account on Freewallet to take care of transferring it. That was only a couple of dollars.

Still Waiting For the Bitcoin to Get to My Freebitcoin Wallet

I had to verify my ID again to get the transfer to happen a little faster. No gas fees though so that’s good.

And I earned 2100 sastoshis from joining a Bitcoin Magazine list called 21 Days of Bitcoin recommended by David Hurley, @hirohurl. I am signed up to his email list and that is where I learned about it. I took the quiz today after the 21 days of articles and got the satoshis in my wallet on the Carrot app. It was 20 questions. I answered 16 correctly. I also learned that I can earn more satoshis by reading articles on the Carrot app. You can download it from the Google Playstore or the App store for Apple.

When I Did My Fiat Dollar Cost Average Investment Today

Hive was right around a dollar each. That means, of course, that my investment went further today. I also already had 1.250 Hive in my wallet before I did my purchase on Coinbase today.

I earned that from engaging on posts from Jon Olson, @jongolson and Chris Scicluna, @mba2020. I was directed to those posts from emails that they sent in ListNerds. All I had to do was read their posts, make a comment and use the secret word that they put in the email. This is all about pulling in people to engage with you and building your brand rather than pushing products.

I got another 10.082 Hive to use for my purchase this week. That was from buying the Litecoin on Coinbase and sending it to my Hive wallet. But this week I had to wait to convert that to Swap.Hive. I use Hivepay Swap to do that but there was no liquidity available for a bit.

In the meantime I was selling other tokens in my wallet to get as much Swap.Hive as possible. And I got the CTP tokens that I unstaked to deposit them into ListNerds as well. That took 7 days and then I staked them in ListNerds to claim an airdrop of 2 more ListNerds tokens. I claimed on ListNerds for each 5000 CTP I staked on ListNerds.

After Selling As Many Tokens As I Could

I ended up with around 13 Hive to buy my Hive Index Tokens today. So I increased my Index Holdings to 1,301.14560206. That puts me at 87% of my next goal of 1500 Hive Index tokens.

Here is the Fun Bonus Part

Closing out the extra Coinbase Account allowed me to convert Bitcoin Cash into Litecoin and then send it to Hive.

And I had another HBD to buy one more Hive token so I powered that up as well.

So that brings my Hive Power to 4,452.121 which is 89 percent of Dolphin Status.

It was nice to be able to give a boost to two of my goals today. That is all for this week. Have a great weekend!

First Blockchain Based Mailer — The All New List Nerds has Launched!

List Nerds Has 3 tokens and 3 Ways to Earn

Two of them are crypto, ListNerds tokens and CTP tokens and the other one is Mail tokens. Mail tokens can be bought or earned. Each Mail you accumulate allows you to mail one ListNerds member. Or if you don’t have time to open mails and click on links you can simply buy Mail tokens.

ListNerds is the primary token of the mailer platform. It can be purchased on Hive Engine or another exchange then transferred to ListNerds and staked there to earn passively. Or you can earn it by verifying emails from other members with an upvote. ListNerds is the only place where you can stake ListNerds tokens.

CTP tokens are also needed to take part in the rewards at ListNerds. Those are the tokens that you earn from blogging and curating on the CTPtalk blogging platform. You need to have liquid CTP to import to ListNerds and stake it to give you more voting power.

I have powered down some of my CTPtokens so that I can transfer them to ListNerds and stake them to get more voting power and earning power. If you want to do this, it only takes 7 days to power down and get liquid CTP to move it over. For every 5000 CTPtokens that you tranfer into and stake on ListNerds you will earn an airdropped ListNerds token. The ListNerds token will be airdropped to your staked ListNerds so you don’t have to do that manually.

Please Keep in Mind

If you transfer and stake CTP tokens in ListNerds to get the airdropped ListNerds tokens, your CTP will be locked for 10 weeks. That is to prevent people from staking CTP tokens to get the airdrops of ListNerds and then unstaking and staking them again to get more ListNerds.

May be an image of text that says 'The Must Attend 開 × Thursday LIve Night 一 Eastern Eastern 8pm CLICK TRACKP PROFIT Webinar Of The Week!'

Here is the replay of last night’s Thursday Night Live — The List Nerds Launch where Jon and Blain go over in great detail how to navigate and use List Nerds.

After the ListNerds Overview Prizes Were Awarded

The top three people who purchased ListNerds tokens prior to the launch were had their names put on a prize wheel to win one of 3 prizes. Congratulations, to Mike Dell, Charletta Allen and Hariton Mukadafe. Check out the video starting at around minute 44 to see what they won. The three prizes were: a one year upgrade to the Business Level Membership of ListNerds, a 5000 Hive Power delegation, and a Gold Foil Legendary Chaos Legion Card. And the prizes were given randomly which made it more interesting and fun.

Finally My Update For This Week

Hive has been staying over a dollar for weeks now. When I did my dollar cost average purchase this morning it was just under $1.30 per Hive token. So, after fees on Coinbase from transferring and trading I ended up with a little over 8 Hive tokens. With what was already available in my pegged Hive on Hive Engine I had a little more than 10 Hive to buy my tokens this week.

I am focused on increasing my Hive Index holdings to my next goal of 1500 and getting to Dolphin Status on Hive.

Purchasing More Hive-Index Tokens for Friday Buy Day

I want those Index tokens for the passive income. Index is an income token. Just buy them and hold them to earn from all the tokens they purchase. This is really my first experience with earning passive income and I am enjoying earning the tokens and reinvesting them to get more. The returns are way more than you can earn from a regular bank. It’s really a no brainer.

Updated Index Holdings for this Week — 1,277

At 1227 Hive Index tokens, I have 85 percent of my 1500 Hive Index token goal. It won’t stop there.

Hive Power Dolphin Goal

As you can see I am getting ever closer to my Dolphin status. I just keep chipping away at it. My next plan is to get to the 1500 Hive Index put that on hold and dollar cost average as well as earn my way to Dolphin. I am at around 89 percent there or 566.434 Hive Power away. Hive is at $1.31 each so it would cost me $742.03 to buy it all right now. Not going to happen. If the price of Hive stays the same, doubtful, but if it did, it would take me another 14 months at 50 dollars per month to get there. Not willing to wait over another year to get there.

I either have to bump up my buy in or do a whole lot more creating and curating than I have been. Or both.

So, that is all for this week’s update! Have a great week and see you next week!