First Blockchain Based Mailer — The All New List Nerds has Launched!

List Nerds Has 3 tokens and 3 Ways to Earn

Two of them are crypto, ListNerds tokens and CTP tokens and the other one is Mail tokens. Mail tokens can be bought or earned. Each Mail you accumulate allows you to mail one ListNerds member. Or if you don’t have time to open mails and click on links you can simply buy Mail tokens.

ListNerds is the primary token of the mailer platform. It can be purchased on Hive Engine or another exchange then transferred to ListNerds and staked there to earn passively. Or you can earn it by verifying emails from other members with an upvote. ListNerds is the only place where you can stake ListNerds tokens.

CTP tokens are also needed to take part in the rewards at ListNerds. Those are the tokens that you earn from blogging and curating on the CTPtalk blogging platform. You need to have liquid CTP to import to ListNerds and stake it to give you more voting power.

I have powered down some of my CTPtokens so that I can transfer them to ListNerds and stake them to get more voting power and earning power. If you want to do this, it only takes 7 days to power down and get liquid CTP to move it over. For every 5000 CTPtokens that you tranfer into and stake on ListNerds you will earn an airdropped ListNerds token. The ListNerds token will be airdropped to your staked ListNerds so you don’t have to do that manually.

Please Keep in Mind

If you transfer and stake CTP tokens in ListNerds to get the airdropped ListNerds tokens, your CTP will be locked for 10 weeks. That is to prevent people from staking CTP tokens to get the airdrops of ListNerds and then unstaking and staking them again to get more ListNerds.

May be an image of text that says 'The Must Attend 開 × Thursday LIve Night 一 Eastern Eastern 8pm CLICK TRACKP PROFIT Webinar Of The Week!'

Here is the replay of last night’s Thursday Night Live — The List Nerds Launch where Jon and Blain go over in great detail how to navigate and use List Nerds.

After the ListNerds Overview Prizes Were Awarded

The top three people who purchased ListNerds tokens prior to the launch were had their names put on a prize wheel to win one of 3 prizes. Congratulations, to Mike Dell, Charletta Allen and Hariton Mukadafe. Check out the video starting at around minute 44 to see what they won. The three prizes were: a one year upgrade to the Business Level Membership of ListNerds, a 5000 Hive Power delegation, and a Gold Foil Legendary Chaos Legion Card. And the prizes were given randomly which made it more interesting and fun.

Finally My Update For This Week

Hive has been staying over a dollar for weeks now. When I did my dollar cost average purchase this morning it was just under $1.30 per Hive token. So, after fees on Coinbase from transferring and trading I ended up with a little over 8 Hive tokens. With what was already available in my pegged Hive on Hive Engine I had a little more than 10 Hive to buy my tokens this week.

I am focused on increasing my Hive Index holdings to my next goal of 1500 and getting to Dolphin Status on Hive.

Purchasing More Hive-Index Tokens for Friday Buy Day

I want those Index tokens for the passive income. Index is an income token. Just buy them and hold them to earn from all the tokens they purchase. This is really my first experience with earning passive income and I am enjoying earning the tokens and reinvesting them to get more. The returns are way more than you can earn from a regular bank. It’s really a no brainer.

Updated Index Holdings for this Week — 1,277

At 1227 Hive Index tokens, I have 85 percent of my 1500 Hive Index token goal. It won’t stop there.

Hive Power Dolphin Goal

As you can see I am getting ever closer to my Dolphin status. I just keep chipping away at it. My next plan is to get to the 1500 Hive Index put that on hold and dollar cost average as well as earn my way to Dolphin. I am at around 89 percent there or 566.434 Hive Power away. Hive is at $1.31 each so it would cost me $742.03 to buy it all right now. Not going to happen. If the price of Hive stays the same, doubtful, but if it did, it would take me another 14 months at 50 dollars per month to get there. Not willing to wait over another year to get there.

I either have to bump up my buy in or do a whole lot more creating and curating than I have been. Or both.

So, that is all for this week’s update! Have a great week and see you next week!

Getting Ready for the Launch of the All New List Nerds on 1/13/2022!

Put My Other Purchases on Hold This Week

That is because I wanted to buy as many ListNerds tokens this week as possible. Jon and Blain are launching the all new List Nerds in less than a week from now, It will happen on the Thursday Night Live webinar on 1/13/2022 at 8 pm EST. So about six days.

Two big takeaways for this:

  1. You will be able to earn ListNerds tokens by reading and validating emails by upvoting them.
  2. You will earn ListNerds tokens for creating emails that people want to read and upvote.

There is much more to it than that but I think you get the picture. If you don’t, you can check out the replay of this week’s Crypto Monday and last night’s Thursday Night Live.

There Will Be Bonuses and Airdrops

As of yesterday and until next Thursday when List Nerds is launched, the three people who have purchased the most ListNerds tokens will be in a drawing for one of three prizes. Those prizes are: a 5000 HP delegation, a top upgrade in ListNerds for a year, and a Gold Foil Legendary Splinterlands Card (TBD). As long as you’re in the top three you will get a prize.

As for the airdrops, they will work differently from normal airdrops. There is no snapshot involved and it is on a first come first served basis. Every member will get one ListNerd token airdropped. If you are upgraded you will get two. Check out the Thursday Night Live from last night starting at minute 30:54 to learn more about how it will work.

Make Sure That on Monday, 1/10

If you’re already a member of List Nerds and haven’t had a chance to watch the webinar last night, just be aware that Blain will be taking down the List Nerds site to get it ready for the launch on Thursday. So make sure that if you’re sending out emails that are automated to put them on pause. Because if your emails go out and someone clicks on a link they are going to get a site under construction message. From Monday afternoon, until the launch on Thursday, Blain, Eliana and Jon are going to be on the new site testing things and trying to break them.

And Now for My First Buy Day of 2022

I was able to get a total of 5 more ListNerds tokens to bring my total to 11.245. I sold some other tokens in my Hive Wallet to bring me to 2.93173478 Hive Pegged. To that I added, 7.59 Hive that I netted from using Hivepay Swap to move the 7,605 Hive that I got from my weekly dollar cost average.

I actually contemplated doubling my fiat investment because of the contest. I chose not to because I promised myself that I would stick with the same amount every week. Period. The amount I am investing every month, 50 dollars, is just enough to give me a little discomfort but not enough to cause me any problems.

I Spent All of My Hive in One Place This Week and

I put my other goals on hold until next week. I will see how many more, if any ListNerds, I can pick up during the week. But the prelaunch bonus contest will be over by the time I buy my Hive with fiat next week. That means that I have not increased my HE-Index holdings or my staked CTP tokens. I am keeping some of the CTP tokens liquid to move them to ListNerds and stake them there.

I am still staking my Hive Power rewards for commenting and curating. I am at 4,423.594 HP. So, 576.406 HP away from Dolphin status. I know I should probably put a deadline on it but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I know it will be this year. LOL

That is all for this week. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday Buy Day 12/31/2021 — New Year’s Eve Update!

Happy Friday and New Year’s Eve! This is my last status update for 2021! I did okay this last year. I could have done better but I dropped the ball for a couple months over the summer. So lesson learned! Stop Stopping!

Progress to Next Index Goal This Week!

I purchased 8 more HE-Index tokens last night to add my holdings and get the dividends from the tokens and cards. Since Hive is staying well up over one dollar and closer to 1.50 each it is harder to get Hive to make these purchases. But that’s okay I am just sticking with my same amount of Fiat investment every week. As of last night I have 1,261.56475014 HE-Index tokens. And that is 84% of my next goal of 1500 HE-Index!

Counting Down to the Big Launch of the New and Much Improved List Nerds!

Only 13 days until the launch! It will take place on the January 13th edition of Thursday Night Live. The token is already for sale on Hive-Engine! I have started purchasing List Nerds tokens to get ready for the airdrop that will happen at launch time.

Here is the link to the replay of last night’s Thursday Night Live webinar. Most of it was dedicated to what is to come with the relaunch of List Nerds! It’s going to be a huge disruption in the viral mailer industry. Check out the replay where @jongolson and @blainjones share the back office and how the site will work and what we can expect.

For the moment I am not staking CTP tokens because they will need to be liquid in order to be eligible for the airdrop. And then they can be brought over to List Nerds and staked in there.

Dolphin Status is Closer to Reality and Less of a Dream

My staked Hive Power is at 88 percent of the 5000 I need to reach Dolphin Status. 585.117 Hive Power away. At the price of Hive right now there is no way I can afford to buy in. But I promised myself that most of it was going to come from creating and engaging here on Hive anyway. I want to show that it is not necessary to drop a bunch of money to be able to participate in the community and earn here. I am investing some Fiat but the first two years plus of this is all from just showing up here.

CTP Power Holding Steady for Now!

I am in a good place here already and I want to move some liquid CTP over to List Nerds for launch I mentioned above. That means I will be powering down some of the CTP and staking it over there. It is in the same community though so I will get benefits in both places.

That is about all I have for you tonight! Getting ready to go and spend some time downstairs and help with dinner prep and celebrate New Years Eve! Hope you all have a Happy and Very Prosperous New Year! 2022 Here we Come!

Friday Buy Day 12/24/2021– Christmas Eve Update

Here it is as Promised Last Week

I wanted to stay consistent with my Friday updates so I am doing this Christmas Eve edition of my Friday update. Hive is on an uptrend again so my $12.50 didn’t go as far this week but I was able to sell some other tokens to get a bit more Hive to spend.

I had 1.025 Hive in my wallet already because I commented on this weeks CTPchat post with a question for the Crypto Maniacs podcast this week. That was a 1 Hive reward. The 0.25 was from a conversion of HBD to Hive. So I got one Hive token just for commenting with a question. Pretty easy money, in my humble opinion.

The tip from Jon and the conversion from HBD to Hive

There is Still Time to Get a Hive Token for a Comment/Question

Here is the link to the post on

Go to make your comment and ask a Question for a Hive

I am still working toward the next Index holdings goal of 1500 HE-Index tokens so I used my pegged Hive to buy 7 more Index.

My new HE-Index holdings total is 1253 and a little more as you can see from the screenshot above. I am loving the passive income I keep getting from holding these tokens. And I get a little more each time I increase my holdings which is why I keep buying them.

My Hive Power this week!

Dolphin Goal Status

Right now my Hive Power is sitting at 4,393.453 HP which is 606.547 away from the 5000 I need to reach my goal. Or about 88% there.

The 5th CTP Staking Challenge from CTPSB or the CTP Swarm Booster Just Ended!

I came in 9th place. I managed to stay in the top 10 for the whole time. At number 9 all the way but it was just fun to participate. I also won a Silver Swarm Booster NFT. So I am the proud owner of two Silver Swarm Booster NFTs now. I won both of them.

After January 1st

I am going to power down some of the CTP token holdings to get ready for the launch that is taking place on January 13th. Jon and Blain talked about it on the Thursday Night Live Webinar last night. It is definitely going to be a disruptor for Viral Mailers and how they work. Looking forward to that launch.

So that is my update for this week as promised. I will be back next week for the last update of 2021. And next week will be New Years Eve. Have a Merry Christmas!

Staying the Course and Sticking To My Plan — Only 2 Weeks to Year’s End

Started Out In Coinbase As Usual

Last week when I did my usual buy I thought I had set it up to do a weekly buy for the same amount. It looks like a buy went through on the 13th but I don’t see where it is in Coinbase. In any case I cancelled it now because I like more control. I did make another purchase today and ended up with around 7 Hive to use. I may be out $12.50 if I can’t find out what happened to that purchase. If that’s the worst of it, no big deal. I have lost way more than that buying shiny objects in the past.

Next I Went to Hive Engine

I sold some other tokens because I wanted to increase the total of pegged Hive to buy more Index. That is my focus right now. I found some Voucher I could sell in my wallet. There was a little more in Bee Swap to send to my Hive Engine wallet. I ended up with 10.9 to buy my Index this week.

Buying Index for this week

I Was Going to Buy Some More CHAOS Packs

Instead I chose to focus on increasing my HE-Index holdings. First of all I need to buy potions to open the 20 packs I already have. To do that I need to figure out how many potions I need to buy of each type to open the 20 packs. I only want to buy what I need since I am doing this on a budget.

With the Hive that I purchased and traded for today I was able to buy 13 more Index tokens.

1,231.9835793 HE-Index Tokens as of today 12-17-2021

My Dolphin Dream for Hive Power Progress

With only 2 more Fridays left of this year I know I will not reach Dolphin Status. I knew that weeks ago.

As of today I have chosen to take all of my payouts for curation and content creation in Hive Power. I am converting my HBD to Hive and powering it up anyway. So might as well just skip the time that it takes for the conversion and just get the Hive Power. I am at 0.876063 or around 88% of my way to Dolphin.

I Have Been Participating in the Latest CTP Power Up Challenge

That will end on the 22nd of this month. I just want to see how much I can increase my CTP stake. After the contest I will be powering some of that down to liquid CTP. Because on the 13th of January, Jon and Blain are launching something big that will require having liquid CTP tokens. They are calling it Project Bowtie. It is not a new program but they are redoing a program they already own. So, I won’t be selling CTP tokens. Not a chance. I am going to be investing in the new project.

Next Week is Christmas Eve

I will do my best to get an update posted anyway. In order to get that done I will most likely have to work on it next Thursday. So now I have said it and it has to happen. Anyway, have a great weekend. See you again soon.

Selling Some Books on Amazon Almost Covered My FIAT Dollar Cost Average Investment!

Cover Image For Friday Buy Day Update Post

Before We Moved Out of the Apartment

I boxed up some books that I knew I had no use for anymore and sent them into Amazon. It didn’t cost me much to send them in and they were just going to take up space. So I figured I might as well see what I could get for them using Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon program. As you know I have been investing $12.50 each week to grow my holdings of Hive Engine tokens. That includes staking Hive to reach my goal of Dolphin Status and increase my passive income from HE-Index.

Amazon sent $11.96 to my checking account this week. So my out of pocket is close to covered from selling a book or two that I had already sent to Amazon. Amazon fulfilled the order and sent me money. I still have books sitting there in an Amazon warehouse somewhere. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s a start. And I didn’t have to go out and find the books. They were already sitting on my shelves. I just had to get off my butt and get them labeled and boxed up. Then I took them to the UPS store in town. Yeah, they take a chunk of money for that. But I look at it as outsourcing some of the work I would have to do here. Like customer service. They take care of that. It’s worth it to me. And if it funds my little operation here that’s another win.

My Out of Pocket Investment Went a Little Further This Week

I logged in to Coinbase to make my weekly buy of Litecoin. Every time I do this transaction I see that there is an option automate the buy to occur every week. I had been opting out of it. However, this time I didn’t opt out. While I was in Coinbase I noticed that there were more videos to watch and earn some other cryptos.

What I earned from viewing the videos and the FIAT I put in bought me just over 10 Hive this week.

I used the Swap Hive feature in Hivepay to send the Hive to my Hive Engine Wallet. Then I started looking for other coins to sell and see how much more Hive I could get. As it turned out I had some Voucher in my Hive Engine Wallet. The Voucher airdrops from Splinterlands restarted this week. The Voucher in my wallet was a dividend from my HE-Index holdings.

David Armstrong, @darmst5339, is a friend I have made in the Click Track Profit Community. He created a post a few days ago about finding Voucher that he didn’t know he had.

That is two of the reasons to be engaging on Hive. Making friends and learning from them. I went to my BeeSwap account and logged in with my Hive Keychain. At that point I had just over half of a Voucher. I let it sit there and this week there was 0.658 Voucher for me to sell for Hive. I had just sold the 0.769 Voucher from Index right before that. All told I ended up with around 18 Hive and used it to buy 22 more HE-Index tokens.

My HE-Index Holdings are up to 1,221.5545841

The CTP Token Staking Contest Is Still Going

Today I staked 143.065 more CTP tokens. I am just doing it because it’s fun to see how much I can increase my stake of CTP. After the contest is over on the 22nd of this month I will probably power a bunch of that down. Jon and Blain from CTP are launching a new project on January 13th 2022. You can listen to last night’s Thursday Night Live to learn why having liquid CTP will be important.

That is it for my update this week. Have a great Friday and see you again soon!

My Black Friday to Cyber Monday Hive Engine Investing Spree & 2 Goals Reached

Since my Buy Day update this last Friday I have been spending the last few days investing the Hive I have purchased. I took the 647 Hive that I acquired from the ETH swap last Saturday and powered up about 200 and invested the rest.

I increased my CHAOS Booster Pack holdings to 20. Still trying to decide if I will open them or sell them all. The temptation is to sell some and open some. When I see all the fun that @jonnycoin has opening his packs it’s hard not to want to open mine too. Maybe on Christmas Morning I will open the digital presents I bought for myself.

As of this afternoon I achieved two of the goals I set out for myself. A few weeks ago I got up to 500 HE-Index and chose 1000 to be my next goal. This afternoon after having to cancel and redo my buy orders a couple of times I managed to get there. My next HE-Index goal is 1500.

This buy order did not go through all at once.

The one larger goal I am most happy about achieving is the 50,000 staked CTP tokens. It was close enough that I just went ahead and did it. There is a staking challenge starting up on Wednesday. I am going to participate by staking what I earn from content creation, curation and delegations.

50,000+ CTP Power

Now I will focus my dollar cost average investments toward reaching my Dolphin Status on Hive. Not sure if I will get there by year’s end but it won’t be from lack of trying. Have a great rest of your Monday! See you next time.

It Finally Happened So I Have a Big Update to Yesterday’s Post!!!

I started the process of swapping my XTM tokens from Torum to ETH using Metamask on the 16th of this month. Today was the day that it finally actually worked and went through. I have to be honest I am pretty excited. And even better, the process to swap the ETH to Hive went really fast today. Of course I had help from @blainjones in the CTP Telegram group. One of the things I need to get better at is calming down and trying harder to focus. I was a little anxious. Okay, a lot anxious!

I Used Blocktrades to Swap the ETH for Some Hive

Hive is still up over 2 dollars right now so I didn’t get as much as I might have. But I am certainly happy with what I got. When I went to the CTP Telegram group with my question about swapping the ETH Blain told me I could just go directly from ETH to Hive. For some reason I thought I would have to have Litecoin in there first. This is where I kind of got a bit confused. I didn’t realize where I needed to put my Hive address to send the ETH.

This is the amount of Hive I would get from the trade minus gas fees

So I went back to Metamask, clicked on Send and entered the amount of ETH I wanted to send to Hive. I got the wallet address from Blocktrades for them to make the deposit and convert it to Hive.

The Transaction only took Seconds to Complete and I Received My Hive!

I am still about 862.547 Hive away from Dolphin so I probably won’t power it all up. Waiting till Power Up Day for that. It will be here this coming Wednesday, December 1st. Haven’t decided how much I will Power up yet. Made the decision to change my recovery account on Hive as well. Forgot that it would take a month for it to happen. My plan is still to stay the course with my dollar cost average investing. This was just a huge bonus and boost to my efforts. How interesting that it happened on Thanksgiving weekend.

In next week’s Friday Buy Day update I will let you know where I chose to invest large for me chunk of Hive. Bye for now and Enjoy the rest of the weekend.