#3StepsNoExcuses Day 28 Two More CTPtalk Lessons, Testing Data from List Nerds on Our Own Lists and Asking Questions in the Click Track Profit Telegram Group!

Click Track Profit Step — Commenting On & Creating Content for CTPtalk!

We watched another two lessons in the CTPtalk module in Click Track Profit today.

In the first lesson we learned how really simple it is to comment on other peoples’ content on CTPtalk and get up upvoted and earn CTP tokens.

A few things you should know about commenting on blog posts:

  1. Make meaningful, useful and helpful comments
  2. Ask questions about the author’s intent or purpose
  3. Commenting on other posts can give you ideas for your own content

Our next lesson was about how to create posts on the CTPtalk platform.

Log in to CTPtalk and click on the pencil icon.

That will open up your blogging editor.

It is important to use images in your blog posts!

CTPtalk makes it easy to do that.

When you are blogging on the CTPtalk platform, the ctp tag will be the default tag and appear first on your list.

This is important because you will get rewarded with CTP tokens.

List Nerds

I have been collecting data for the last 28 days in my List Nerds Mailing History.

Since I have a Business Level account I am able to email the entire List Nerds data base everyday.

I have it set on automatic which is another nice feature.

What have I learned from the last few weeks of emailing everyday?

Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to send emails.

I have a whole lot to learn about copywriting.

The email swipes from the programs I am promoting are getting better click through rates.

My next step is to take the data I have gathered and test it on my own lists.

And spend some time learning how to write subject headings that grab attention and get better click through rates.

I won’t be using email swipes on my own list.

Plus 1 Success

In our Plus 1 Success step for today we are told to Ask Questions!

Click Track Profit has a group on Telegram where we network and get to know each other.

It is a super friendly and supportive group of people who don’t hesitate to welcome new people.

And they LOVE answering your questions.

There is always someone around to help at any time of the day or night.

Don’t be shy!

Come in, introduce yourself and ask your questions.

We know you have them.

You are most likely not the only one who has the question that is on your mind.

When you ask your burning question it will help other people in the group who are new as well.

So, that’s Day 28!

See you tomorrow!

#3StepsNoExcuses — Why Blog on CTPtalk & How to Log In, Winning by Not Quitting and Thank the People Who Help You!

Today is Day 27 of our adventure!

Two lessons for our Click Track Profit step from the CTPtalk module

Winning by Not Quitting

and Showing gratitude to the people who help you.

Our Click Track Profit step today had two lessons for us to view.

The first was about why we should build our brand and blog on the CTPtalk platform.

One of the biggest reasons to do this is the community. There are many very helpful and supportive people who will welcome you with open arms and start upvoting your content right away.

Yes, you get rewards for creating content and posting it on the blockchain in the form of CTP tokens. The tokens are cryptocurrency that is tradeable 24/ 7/ 365 on the blockchain.

You not only get rewarded for posting your content, you also get rewards for upvoting, sharing and commenting on the content of your fellow community members.

The lesson on logging in to CTPtalk is super important. Pay very close attention!

There is no way to retrieve your passwords and keys on the blockchain!

Nobody owns the blockchain.

I keep mine on a thumb drive.


In our List Nerds step Jon shared an image that he printed out, laminated and keeps by his computer to remind him never to quit.

The only way to succeed is by not quitting.

Keep sending emails to your list and you will get better at it.

Use List Nerds to Practice Writing Emails

I upgraded my List Nerds subscription to the Business Level awhile back.

It allows me to mail everyday and because of that I can test different aspects of my emails.

Which days get more opens?

What subject headings are more attractive?

I can set up emails for every day of the week and they go out automatically.

Then I can take that data and see if the same thing happens when I send out emails to my list in my autoresponder.

And on to our third step of the day!

Thank the people who help you on your journey both online and off!

Showing gratitude is another way to get people to know, like and trust you.

Like I mentioned above, the Click Track Profit community is full of amazing, supportive and very helpful people.

I do my best to make sure they know how much I appreciate their help.

But I do that in my offline life as well.

Because that builds the habit which is an important habit to adopt.

Thank you for reading this blog post!

That is Day 27!

See you tomorrow!

#3StepsNoExcuses — We Have 1440 Minutes Each Day!

Today is Day 19 of the #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge!

When we say Get Dirty! here it means:

And get Active in the Community!

Join the Telegram group for Click Track Profit and stop in and network and build relationships!

Ask questions, Answer questions when you can!

Get on CTPtalk and start upvoting, commenting on, and sharing other peoples’ posts.

I know you’re asking how this will benefit you.

Here’s how! The more visible you are asking questions, answering questions, posting, upvoting, etc. the more you will get known.

Why is that important?

Because as people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Want to learn how to get better at email marketing?

Start subscribing to the email lists of successful email marketers. That’s how.

It is a great way to get mentoring for free! Read their emails and get hints on how to improve your subject headings, calls to action, email text, etc.

Hint: Make sure you’re getting the emails from Click Track Profit!

That’s just one list to which you should subscribe.

Subscribe to the lists of the influencers you follow on social media. It is very likely they have an email list. You’re following them so you must enjoy what they’re posting. So check out their email list.

1440 Minutes! That is the most we all have every day! Some people have less but no one has any more than that!

We all have obligations every day that take up our time. Work, school, family, etc.

You want to build your own business either online or off and that means you might need to learn new skills. Take a look at how you’re spending your down time.

What do you do when you come home from work? You have supper and then….

Sit in front of the television until bedtime?

What if you took one hour of that time in the evening or got up an hour earlier to spend that time on a new skill?

Something to think about, yes?

If you spend an hour a day every day learning a new skill or building a side hustle you could create an extra stream of income for yourself and your family.

Well that is all for Day 19! See you tomorrow!

No Video Post Today!

I am just doing a typed blog post today.

Yesterday was six months since my Mom passed away and then this morning we found out that a very dear friend of our family passed away during the night. She was more like family.

My Mom, her friend Mary, who passed away today and another lady friend, Elvera, who has also been gone for some time now, all worked together at the parish school that we attended from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Elvera and Mary worked in the school kitchen preparing wonderful home made hot lunches for all of us kids. Mom was the school secretary and the church secretary.

Those ladies were at our house for dinners and parties and other events in our lives. We had so much fun with them too. As they got older and weren’t able to drive themselves any more my husband and I would go and get them at their homes and bring them to my Mom and Dad’s house for visits and then another couple we know would take them home because they lived on the same side of town.

It is a little difficult keeping my composure so getting on camera wasn’t really an option but wanted to make sure that I at least put a blog post up.

See you all again soon and Take Care!

Just a Saturday Afternoon Blog Post

I live in Southeastern Wisconsin where the weather is always an adventure. Yesterday began several days of very cold weather. It’s called a Polar Vortex. We are just fortunate that we can stay in and be warm and cozy. My husband made chicken soup last night so we will be having that for supper this evening.

I am taking this afternoon to experiment with uploading a video and then embedding it on a post.

I am using tags on the post that will go to blogging platforms on the Hive blockchain. This will enable me to reach a wider audience with my content. Your content can’t be removed or your account shut down. Your content is your content. Always.

It will also help me to earn crypto currency. Yes, that’s right. You can earn crypto currency by sharing content on the blockchain. This is a nice little bonus to make it possible to begin from zero and build a business online.

Newbie Meeting Host Lesson — The Zoom Client Is Necessary for Saving Your Meeting Recordings

Last Tuesday I started an interview series with entrepreneurs called My 1440.

I had been on several Zoom meetings but never hosted one until then. I had my first interview with Jon Olson from Click Track Proft that morning. I remembered to press record and got the recording downloaded and saved. Whew, that was easy or so I thought.

My second interview was that evening with Blain Jones, also from Click Track Profit. Again, I remembered to record it and save it.

I did not realize, until I went to the folder where the recordings were saved, that unless I changed the name, the recordings are saved with the same name. So, when I saved the recording from the interview with Blain I overwrote the recording of the interview with Jon.

Lucky for me that when I messaged Jon and told him what I had done he very nicely agreed to redo the interview last Friday morning. By that time I had downloaded the Zoom client software which saved the new interview in its own folder.

I guess one thing I was confused about was when I joined other Zoom meetings something was always downloading so I thought it was the client. Um, no!

Thankful Thursday!

Good Morning and Happy Thankful Thursday! It is so important to wake up feeling grateful. It gives the day a fantastic beginning.

The first thing I am thankful for is my fantastic marriage and relationship with my husband. He provides me with the support both emotional and financial to pursue my online business.

Thankful Thursday Quote

The second thing I am thankful for is the fact that I can spend time learning skills that will help me grow my business. I can help many people with what I am learning now. It is pretty exciting to think about that.

I am also thankful to live near my parents and be able to help them as necessary. Building a business online provides me with the time flexibility to do that.

Even though I get a little down sometimes I remind myself to focus on what I have and not worry about what I don’t have. Enjoy your day!

My Honest Review of Trafficwave.net: Email Marketing Platform to Grow Your List and Control Your Budget!

I am an affiliate of Trafficwave so if you happen to click on a link and join I will get a commission.

Trafficwave Has Been Around For Almost 20 Years

Trafficwave.net has been around about as long as Get Response and Aweber. The benefit of this is that it is not going anywhere and you can rely on the service. This is important but the biggest reason to use it is….

You Can Have Unlimited Lists and Unlimited Subscribers!

Are you starting out with a limited budget or do you just want to keep your budget under control anyway? I have tried other autoresponder services and was always concerned about growing my list above a certain number of subscribers. I see the ability to control my budget and still expand my business as a huge benefit. You can give it a try for Free for 30 Days! After that the monthly fee is only $17.95.