#3StepsNoExcuses — Noone is Going to Stop Using an Evergreen Product. Email Marketing is an Evergreen Habit. Being Everywhere Online Just Requires Some Hustle!

Today’s Topic for Day 18 of #StepsNoExcuses was Being Evergreen and Everywhere!

I did a Facebook Live for today too!

Evergreen is actually my favorite topic so far. Why? Because it never goes away and products like Autoresponders for email marketing, tracking programs and website hosting are always going to be needed in your business.

You need them in your business so other people coming online are going to need them as well. This makes them perfect to promote as affiliate products.

  • You’re already using them so you’re a product of your product
  • Your subscribers are going to need them for their business so you can recommend what you are using.

Yes, email marketing is an evergreen habit!

You can use List Nerds to practice and hone your email marketing skills.

Use it to test your subject headings, your calls to action, the bodies of the emails themselves. It is not about getting subscribers or getting someone to buy anything.

It is about learning what will work and what will not.

You don’t need to have a huge budget or thousands of followers to be visible online.

You do need to hustle!

Be everywhere you can as much as you can everyday!

Show up consistently. It’s really that simple.

That is Day 18 Completed! See you tomorrow!

Review of Start Earning Today–How to Earn Money Online Today!

People are looking for ways to earn money online all the time especially during this trying period.

Start Earning Today launched about a month ago and I just had to share it with you. The thing I like the most is that it truly delivers on its promise. No money or credit card needed here.

This is truly a No Excuses System to start earning money online.

None of the programs shown below will take away from your Netflix binge-watching.

infographic of programs in Start Earning today

There are short videos that explain each of these programs, how they work, and what they will do to help you earn money online. You won’t get rich from them. Not overnight and probably not ever. But, they will certainly get you started on the path to earning a living online at home. Click Here and Sign Up to Start Earning Today!