Newbie Meeting Host Lesson — The Zoom Client Is Necessary for Saving Your Meeting Recordings

Last Tuesday I started an interview series with entrepreneurs called My 1440.

I had been on several Zoom meetings but never hosted one until then. I had my first interview with Jon Olson from Click Track Proft that morning. I remembered to press record and got the recording downloaded and saved. Whew, that was easy or so I thought.

My second interview was that evening with Blain Jones, also from Click Track Profit. Again, I remembered to record it and save it.

I did not realize, until I went to the folder where the recordings were saved, that unless I changed the name, the recordings are saved with the same name. So, when I saved the recording from the interview with Blain I overwrote the recording of the interview with Jon.

Lucky for me that when I messaged Jon and told him what I had done he very nicely agreed to redo the interview last Friday morning. By that time I had downloaded the Zoom client software which saved the new interview in its own folder.

I guess one thing I was confused about was when I joined other Zoom meetings something was always downloading so I thought it was the client. Um, no!

Review of Start Earning Today–How to Earn Money Online Today!

People are looking for ways to earn money online all the time especially during this trying period.

Start Earning Today launched about a month ago and I just had to share it with you. The thing I like the most is that it truly delivers on its promise. No money or credit card needed here.

This is truly a No Excuses System to start earning money online.

None of the programs shown below will take away from your Netflix binge-watching.

infographic of programs in Start Earning today

There are short videos that explain each of these programs, how they work, and what they will do to help you earn money online. You won’t get rich from them. Not overnight and probably not ever. But, they will certainly get you started on the path to earning a living online at home. Click Here and Sign Up to Start Earning Today!

Thankful Thursday!

Good Morning and Happy Thankful Thursday! It is so important to wake up feeling grateful. It gives the day a fantastic beginning.

The first thing I am thankful for is my fantastic marriage and relationship with my husband. He provides me with the support both emotional and financial to pursue my online business.

Thankful Thursday Quote

The second thing I am thankful for is the fact that I can spend time learning skills that will help me grow my business. I can help many people with what I am learning now. It is pretty exciting to think about that.

I am also thankful to live near my parents and be able to help them as necessary. Building a business online provides me with the time flexibility to do that.

Even though I get a little down sometimes I remind myself to focus on what I have and not worry about what I don’t have. Enjoy your day!

My Honest Review of Email Marketing Platform to Grow Your List and Control Your Budget!

I am an affiliate of Trafficwave so if you happen to click on a link and join I will get a commission.

Trafficwave Has Been Around For Almost 20 Years has been around about as long as Get Response and Aweber. The benefit of this is that it is not going anywhere and you can rely on the service. This is important but the biggest reason to use it is….

You Can Have Unlimited Lists and Unlimited Subscribers!

Are you starting out with a limited budget or do you just want to keep your budget under control anyway? I have tried other autoresponder services and was always concerned about growing my list above a certain number of subscribers. I see the ability to control my budget and still expand my business as a huge benefit. You can give it a try for Free for 30 Days! After that the monthly fee is only $17.95.

Another Reason to Create Your Own Economy

You Can’t Rely on Keeping Your Job!

The other night we got a call from my husband’s daughter. She is a performer at an amusement park. They are closing the show that she has been in since she started there.

Her father and I have been telling her for months that she should start looking for other work.

What if You Don’t Want to Leave Your Job?!

Expand your skills and look at what else you can do in your industry. Do you want to find a way to work at home and stay in your industry? The important thing here is to update your skills and you will not have to fear the worst.

Great Book About Creating a Side Hustle and Updating Your Skills

Read The Side Hustle Bible by James Altucher. Get a hold of it and read it for content and then go through it again and again. There are so many examples of people who have taken the skills they have, updated them and created Side Hustles. They have been able to quit their jobs if they wanted to or just worked at both their job and their side business. I am going to have this book forever because I am always looking for new ideas for new businesses.

What is a Hashtag and How are they used on Social Media?

What is a Hashtag?

Let’s start with an answer to that question. When you are on a social media platform and you see a word or phrase preceded by # (pound sign), that is a Hashtag. It’s purpose is to draw attention to words or phrases to make them easier to find on social media. That is the easiest way to explain it, for me anyway.

Here is a definition I found on the Sprout Social Blog: hash·tag: A word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.

How are Hashtags used on Social Media Platforms?

That is where it gets tricky. Each Social Media platform has its own rules and guidelines for using Hashtags. From what I could gather, it is better on most platforms to use fewer Hashtags or you could damage your engagement. So, sounds to me like erring on the side of caution makes sense.

That’s all for Today!

Yes, I am just learning about all of this myself and plan on more posts going forward. In summary, Hashtags are important for organizing, categorizing and getting found on social media. But don’t get crazy and use too many of them or it could lessen rather than increase your chances of getting found.

Happy Monday!

Waiting For Another Snow Storm and Happy I Work at Home!

Good Morning Everyone,

We are waiting for another snowfall here in Southeastern Wisconsin. I have already cancelled a breakfast outing that I had tentatively planned for tomorrow because I don’t leave my apartment when it snows. We are supposed to get as much as 5 to 8 inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow evening. As you may have guessed I am not a fan of the white stuff or being out in it.

How I Spent the Past Weekend!

Saturday I spent working online early in the day and on Saturday evening we went out to my nephew’s house to see my sister (his mom) and wife and their two young sons (my great nephews). They enjoyed not having to take those babies out in the cold weather. They just about have to pack up the whole house just to get them to my parents’ house for a visit. Okay, exaggerating just a bit. It was a great visit. Had a nice dinner. My parents made lasagna and we had salad and garlic bread. It was a relatively early evening. We got home nice and early so there was plenty of time to wind down before bed.

Yesterday, Sunday, I didn’t do very much online. Roy and I ran a couple of errands after breakfast. When we came back he worked on the taxes and I did some other household chores. It is nice to have time to catch up on the things we don’t have time for during the week.

No, We Did Not Watch the Grammy Awards Last Night!

I think we are unique in that we don’t watch award shows or the Super Bowl. No, we didn’t watch the Super Bowl either. We don’t hate the Super Bowl or Award shows. It is more an indifference and a preference to spend the time we have off doing things that will enhance our lives.

That is All for Today!

Have a nice Monday! I will be back here again soon to share more of my online journey.

Welcome To My Work At Home Life!

I am here to share my lifestyle of choice! I decided a few years ago that I was not going to work for a boss anymore, EVER! My last job outside the home was physically damaging. I worked in a warehouse after not having had a physically demanding job for a very long time. It got to where my left arm was numb from my shoulder to my fingertips after only a four hour shift.

There were other aspects of that job that I didn’t want to put up with just to have a paycheck. It was supposed to just be a seasonal job anyway. So after a few months I quit.

We Need One Week’s Notice

I find it interesting that when someone wants to quit a job they are expected to give some kind of notice. However, when they want to quit you they just let you go without so much as a by your leave.  The day that I decided to quit said warehouse job I called and told them that I quit. They told me that I had to give a week’s notice in order to be eligible to return to work there if I decided to come back. I was not going to go back but I played their ridiculous game and stayed on another week. It was really four days and I just showed up and put in the hours.

Credit Card Debt From Not Having a Paycheck

While I was still working a getting a paycheck I was using several credit cards to build an online business. I continued to use them thinking that I would get the money somehow to pay them off. Several months went by and the credit cards got up over 5k total. They were calling the apartment, of course. I finally had to tell my husband what was going on. He was livid with me for a couple of days. I didn’t blame him. I am lucky that he chose to be with me and help me pay off the debt.  I am now very transparent with what  I am spending to build my online business and my loving husband is supporting me.

Sticking to My Choice Even Though it is not Always Easy

I have been working at home more or less steadily for a couple of years.  In the fall and winter of 2017 until  early 2018 I took a hiatus.  I was diagnosed with Stage 0 Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Early stage breast cancer.  I had not had a mammography for 15 years since the first one I had in 2002.  I was very lucky it was caught before it became invasive and aggressive.  I was also fortunate that I did not have to go to work while recovering from surgeries and radiation therapy.

The reason I say it is not always easy is because truthfully I am not making very much money yet. However,  while making money is nice,  the best part for me is having my freedom everyday.   I have so much to share with you about what I am doing and other jobs that I have had that. I get up every morning knowing that I don’t have to go out and sit in work traffic to go somewhere that I don’t want to be and put up with nonsense office politics and supervisors breathing down my neck.  I can work at my kitchen table or in front of the TV (yes, I do that sometimes), or at my desk in our second bedroom.  I save a ton of money on buying clothes.  I get to rock my sweats or microfleece pajama bottoms  and sweatshirts.  It is the life I have always wanted. Seriously.

My Why

My goal and biggest reason for building a business online and working from home is to be able to make enough so that when my husband decides to retire he can feel comfortable with his decision.  He is a bit older than I am and is really at full retirement age but he has come this far and wants to max out his social security benefits.  He went through a tough time for many years.  Because of that we are still playing catch up with finances.  Three layoffs in the space of  10 years will do that. More on that later. So, yes for that reason I want to be successful and make enough money for us to live comfortably when he retires.