Friday Buy Day Week 2 — Just a Little Short of My First Goal of 500 Index Tokens!

I should really just be calling these Friday Goal Updates.

I started my “Buy Day” yesterday but I was using just what was in my wallet. The dollar cost averaging using the $12.50 a week is on Fridays.

As I was going through my wallet on Hive Engine yesterday I noticed that I had some tokens I could sell to get Hive tokens. One of them was the WAIV token that I sold to get 31 Hive. That was the most Hive I have had to use at one time. This was just from what I have earned from content creation and curation.

Added a Couple of CHAOS Legion Packs to My Holdings

Yesterday I read a post from my good friend Chris, @chris.topher about buying a Chaos Legion Pack on Splinterlands using Voucher tokens. Then I saw a comment on this post from @achim03 that caught my eye.

So I used a little over 20 Hive to buy 2 CHAOS Legion Packs myself and get into that action on Splinterlands. I am not playing the game but I am very interested in the passive income opportunities that are available there.

I used the remainder of those Hive tokens to buy a little over 13 more Index.

At the end of all of this trading I was around 44 Index away from my goal of 500. For some reason I thought I would hit my goal between yesterday and today. But I am closer here.

Logged into Coinbase this Morning to Convert My FIAT to Hive

I started today by logging into Coinbase and funding my account with $13.99 because after the fees I was still under the $12.50 that I want to invest. That’s a little frustrating. I bought the Litecoin on Coinbase that I then sent to my wallet to buy Hive.

My next step was to log in to to deposit the Hive into my wallet.

I was able to get a little more Hive because the price was down slightly this morning.

I had a small amount of VOUCHER and some other tokens that I could sell to add to the 15 Hive and bring it up to around 22 Hive to use for buying more Index today.

Less Than 20 Index Away from My First Goal!

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed. Just a bit. I know I will probably get there before next Friday. I will be rolling my earnings from other tokens into acquiring more Index throughout the week.

Dolphin Status on Hive is Not Terribly Far Away!

Once I reach my first Index Holdings Goal I am going to pour a little more of my FIAT into reaching my 5000 HP goal. I really want to get there by the end of the year. Most of the Hive Power I have is from my earnings.

I am back to creating posts more consistently and adding to that commenting on at least 10 posts from other people everyday. One of the keys is to find new people to engage with each day. Look for people who are just starting out and give them some encouragement to keep going. It doesn’t cost anything but a little bit of time to help people and raise them up.

Last But Not Least My CTP Power Goal

On our Inner Circle Mastermind this last Wednesday evening we were talking about our goals and how we were going to reach them. My third goal was to get my CTP Power goal to 50,000. Blain pointed out that if I just undelegated some of the tokens that were no longer being used I could get there fairly quickly. I began that process. They will be completed in the next few days. Once they’re completed I will be at 48,678.82 CTP Power. I will actually be over the 50K except for one 10K delegation I am leaving in place. Without it I am only 1,321.18 CTP Power away.

Not a bad week overall and a reinforcement of what Jon and Blain have been telling us all along. I don’t have money and I don’t have time are just excuses. I haven’t used very much money out of pocket until recently and I have found pockets of time to create content and comment on posts from other people.

See you next week with more progress on my goals!

Happy Veterans Day — Thank You For Your Service!

I learned something new about Veterans Day! The United States is not the only country that celebrates it. I never knew that.

I found this article in a Google Search about Veterans Day:

When I joined the Navy I am pretty sure that serving my country was not foremost in my mind. I was pretty young and my motivation at that time was getting out of the house and doing something other than going to school. College wasn’t working out so well for me. I didn’t want to be there. Initially, I wasn’t even going to go through with it. Then I mentioned to some people I knew that I was talking to recruiters and they laughed at me. That was it. I had something to prove to myself and the naysayers who told me that I would never make it. Yeah, just watch me. One of the best choices I ever made in my life.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has served, those who served and are no longer with us, those who are still serving, and to the families of all of them. Happy Veterans Day!

The Journey Is Seldom a Straight Line and We…

This morning we drove into Chicago to stay at the condo for an overnight. When we got almost here we ran into a road closure. We had to reroute and that is where I freaked out a bit. I am glad I wasn’t driving. Roy was driving and my Dad was sitting in the back seat. They were both very chill about the whole thing.

There are so many one-way streets here in the city and so many were closed off. Very frustrating. It’s a good thing my Dad knows his way around here like the back of his hand and got us through all the craziness.

My business journey has had many bumps and roadblocks as well. Some of it was because of personal things going on in my life that I couldn’t control. Some of it was under my control. I have to say that I handled them quite a bit better than I handled the drive today. When I come down here on my own I take the train. I like moving. Not just sitting still in traffic and not being able to see the road ahead. But that is me and something I need to improve upon. We are not always going to know what is ahead. Can’t fret about it. Just need to course-correct as necessary.

Have a great rest of the day and evening.

It’s My Birthday Today So I am Trying to Get Stuff Done Early!

I am very grateful to have reached this age. Sixty years old. I have relatives that didn’t get this privilege. My Dad’s father, my paternal grandfather, whom I never met, was 59 when he passed away. My mom’s brother, my uncle John, who I did get to spend time with while growing up was 58 when he passed away.

Four years ago I spent my birthday getting surgery. A resection for breast cancer surgery because the first surgery didn’t clear the margins enough. Three weeks later I started 30 radiation treatments. I have been cancer free for four years now.

My Dad wished me a happy birthday when he came downstairs. I laughed and told him that I remember when he turned 60. I do miss my Mom. I miss her all the time but today I miss her alot. I had some people I know ask me what I was going to do today. Anything special?

It’s funny! I am not one to go out shopping and I don’t do spa days. I really just like to relax at home. Today is a nice day so we might take a walk by the lake. I am just enjoying being here and being able to live my life on my terms. That’s huge for me. I am grateful for waking up another day and having the opportunity to move my life forward. Technically I won’t be 60 till around 1:50 p.m. CST. LOL And I get an extra hour because we turn the clocks back tonight for the end of Daylight Savings Time.

Have a great rest of your Saturday and weekend.

First Friday Buy Day Today!

I jumped the gun and started the process yesterday. But I saved the Hive that I purchased through Coinbase and used it to get 15 more HE-Index Tokens. I started in Coinbase and bought Litecoin which I deposited into Hive using a wallet address. I got the wallet address by adding my Hive username on It is a pretty simple process and now it’s even easy. It didn’t start out that way. There is an awesome tutorial post by @jongolson that explains how to go from Fiat to Hive using Coinbase. The process is pretty much the same using Uphold. I was using Uphold initially but they are denying my Visa debit card now and Coinbase is not.

Post by Jon Olson on CTPtalk

Why I Changed My Mind About Dividing Between Staking Hive and Buying Index

I did this because I am getting Hive Power and Hive Backed Dollars from my content creation and curation (upvotes, comments and sharing/reblogging other peoples’ content). The more Index tokens I accumulate the larger share of the benefits I will receive from all the tokens held by HE-Index. The big one right now is VOUCHER from Splinterlands. I can sell the VOUCHER to people who want to buy the Chaos Legion card packs. This will get me more Hive to roll back in to buy more Index. Maybe once I get closer to my first goal of 500 Index I will divide between the two. But for now I am sticking to the $12.50 per week for dollar cost average investing out of pocket. That is a budget I can handle without causing me any issues.

Three Zero Cost Ways to Learn About How to Get Involved in Crypto

Jon and Blain sent an email out to their Click Track Profit list subscribers yesterday reminding people who’ve still not gotten involved how to learn about Crypto without any cost involved. These include the training in the Click Track Profit back office, Start Earning Today, and The Hive Guide. There are no excuses not to learn about Crypto and get involved. And you can always tune in to Crypto Mondays with @jongolson and @blainjones at 8 p.m. EST, Crypto Maniacs Podcast on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1 pm EST with Jon and @taskmaster4450, and Thursday Night Live at 8 p.m. EST with Jon and Blain. This is just a start. Go and learn and get involved.

Have a great rest of your Friday!

I Decided Yesterday to Give a Boost to Reaching My Goals on Hive!

I mentioned in my post from yesterday that I have done most of my investing and earning on Hive with my time. I have invested small amounts out of pocket here and there but now I want to accelerate the process a bit.

Reaching Dolphin Status by Year’s End

One of my goals is to reach Dolphin Status on Hive by the end of the year. I am at 4,095.660 Hive Power which is right around 82 % of my goal. 904. 34 Hive away. Not terribly far but it could use a little boost. The end of the year is only around 8 weeks away after all. I need 113.0425 Hive a week to get there. 16.14892857142857 per day. Remember though I am adding the dollar-cost averaging to my journey. I will continue to create and curate content on Hive as well.

Increasing My Passive Income by Using Some Hive to Purchase More HE-Index

Right now, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am around 80% away from my first HE-Index holdings goal of 500. As of today, I have 406 HE-Index tokens because I was able to move some things around and buy a few more. Using the dollar-cost average method could get me to 500 and on my way to the next goal of 1000.

How Many HE-Index Tokens I will need per week to get to 1000 by Year’s End

With Dollar-Cost Averaging I Can Just Focus on Accumulation and Not Worry About the Ups and Downs.

This is a good thing because I can keep the emotions out of this. I have enough going on in my personal life. It will be nice to have a break from all that and focus on these goals. And since HE-Index is an income token and the holdings include tokens I would invest in any way it is a no-brainer. I can get passive income and just keep going on the other parts of building my business. So going forward, at least until the end of the year…

Friday is going to be my Buy Day

I will be logging in to my Coinbase account and funding it with my debit card and buying Hive to power up half of it and using the other half to buy more Index. Then I will be rolling the income I get from Index back in to keep stacking and growing. Again, I will be continuing to grow using creation and curation as well. By the end of the year, I should reach my two immediate goals. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

P.S. Here is where you can learn more about HE-Index:

I don’t benefit in any way from you investing in Index nor is this financial advice. Just what I am doing as part of my online business-building journey.

Sold My 1st and Only VOUCHER Yesterday!

VOUCHER tokens are one of the tokens in the Splinterlands Game. They are being air-dropped to people who have staked SPS (Splintershards) tokens. This is important because you need to have VOUCHER to buy the Chaos Legion Packs.

I want to accumulate HE-Index so I sold my VOUCHER yesterday and received 17.4 Hive. I used that and some of the Swap-Hive that was already in my account to buy 22 more HE-Index.

The first sell order I put in was a little over the highest bid at the time so it wasn’t moving. I cancelled that order and Jon told me to put it in just below the highest bid and it went real fast after I did that.

That purchase brought my HE-Index to 391. My first goal is to accumulate 500 HE-index. I went back to my Wallet in Hive-Engine to see what other tokens I could sell for more Hive. I sold enough to get my total HE-Index holdings to 400.

Why Do I Do it This Way?

The first reason is that the more HE-Index tokens I have the larger share of the VOUCHER tokens I will receive. HE-Index already has the tokens I would invest in anyway. And they are purchasing cards from Splinterlands to rent out now. So I will get a share of that as well.

The second reason is that I want to show people that it is absolutely possible to get into crypto without spending money they don’t have. I am creating content and commenting on and upvoting content from other people. I earn my crypto that way. Invest your time aka sweat equity.

Dollar Cost Averaging — Another Way In

Blain and Jon talk about dollar-cost averaging all the time. An example of it is:

Say you have 100 dollars available each month. Take that 100 dollars and divide it to invest in the crypto you are interested in accumulating from the projects you want to support. Never go over that amount each month. Depending on how much each token is you’ll either get more or less of it. But you will not have to stress out over the values going up and down and you’ll not spend what you can’t afford to lose.

It doesn’t have to be 100 dollars a month. You can start as low as 5 or 10 dollars a week. I have used a little bit out of pocket. But I have mostly been using what I earn from my activities. I have 80 percent of my first HE-Index goal. It’s great because all I do is accumulate, hold and earn from it. How simple, even easy is that?

So stop waiting around. This is so fun and easy to get involved.

See you tomorrow!

How Often Do You Want to Receive Emails?

I have a question for you today.

It has to do with email lists. How often do you want to receive emails when you subscribe to a list?

I know I don’t mind receiving several emails because I subscribe to lists to get the information they are sharing. I have my inboxes organized with filters for each list.

On the other hand, I don’t hesitate to unsubscribe when they send emails that are no longer relevant to the topic of the list. Or when all the list owner sends is promotions. One of the reasons I am asking is because I am curious to learn what other people want from the lists they subscribe to.

My understanding is that emails should be 75 percent or more education/information and 25 percent or less promotions. That ratio is supposed to be the way to keep readers interested and subscribed. That is what I have learned from my mentors in Click. Track. Profit (Jon, Blain and Eliana) I would love to know your opinion. Feel free to share and comment.

Have a great day!

I Hate Talking to Automated Recordings — Keep Pressing Zero!

This morning I went downstairs to check on Dad. He was writing a check to pay a bill for his credit card. It was for his Capital One card and he has a Rewards Account like we do. He wanted to know how much he has in rewards so that he could use it toward the cost of repairing his shed in the backyard. Simple, right? I just took his card and Social Security number to come up to the computer and set up the online account. Not even close.

I started with the online chat and tried to tell them that I was getting an error message when I tried to set the account up online. They can not do a lot with those types of issues. I ended up having to call. That is when the fun started. I hate talking to recordings and pressed zero several times to be connected to a live agent.

I Had to Have My Dad Authorize Each Agent to Speak With Me!

Dad can’t hear very well even with his hearing aids. We tried to convince him to get this set up last year right after Mom passed away. Now he knows why. It will help us to help him. I happy that the issue is resolved. My Dad is now the main account owner and my sister and I are authorized users. The next step is getting the online account set up once this change makes it through the system. The hour was not wasted so that is good. They should just allow their agents to do more than one or two functions before passing us along to the next one.

I still managed to get some other work done before all that started. I am happy about that.

Have a great rest of your Monday and see you tomorrow.

Celebrating Roy’s Halloween Birthday and Happy Halloween!

Good Morning!

I am doing my post early today because I want to spend time with Roy!

Very happy and grateful that we can do that. What are we doing? Just hanging out and enjoying our freedom. His daughter is coming over later on and we’ll have dinner and cake. We went to the grocery store early this morning to pick up chocolate eclairs in the bakery section and they didn’t have any available. So we got a nice little decorated chocolate cake instead. Gotta have some kind of dessert for the birthday celebration. Cake is good and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is even better.

Dinner will be rib steaks on the grill, roasted potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and onions and green beans. Even though we have real winter here Roy uses the grill all year round. Nothing like a steak on the grill. Can’t beat that flavor.

At noon we will have our family call on FB Messenger. One of my sisters is in Mexico City so she’ll be joining us from there. She and her partner are there celebrating her birthday.

Have a great day everyone and see you again tomorrow!