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Weekly Hive Stacks Update for January 20th, 2024

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We Were Supposed to Go Out for Dinner Tonight

That got cancelled for a few reasons.
But it’s just as well because it’s cold out and we’d rather not be out at night.
Instead, we went to the grocery store this morning and picked up ingredients to cook a pot roast in the crock pot.
It’s a new recipe we haven’t tried before.
I can already smell it cooking and I am on the top floor of the house and the kitchen is down in the basement.
And now on to my weekly update which is the purpose of this blog post.


Friday Buy Day 1/19

I already had 3.99902171 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine wallet
Increased my weekly dollar cost average fiat investment to $20.00 USD
Received $18.33 USD worth of LTC to send to SWAP.LTC in Hive Engine Wallet
Received 0.25854031 SWAP.LTC and traded it for 55.546078 SWAP.HIVE
59.54509971 SWAP.HIVE
Traded a few more tokens and got to 60.16664531 SWAP.HIVE to reinvest


CTP Power from CTPtalk, CTPX, BBH and ListNerds

Total from 1/13: 118,717.583
1/15: Staked: 155.981 New total: 118,873.564
1/17: Staked: 114.410 New total: 118,987.974
1/19: Staked: 69.429 New total: 119,057.403
Bought and staked 20,000 more CTP at 0.001 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 20 SWAP.HIVE New total: 139,057.403
1/20: Staked: 59.706 New total: 139,117.109

20,399.526 (17%) increase in CTP Power this week
60,882.891 away from my goal of 200,000 CTP Power
~70% of my goal was achieved this week



Total from 1/13: 5,699.015
1/15: Staked: 26.642 New total: 5,725.657
Bought and staked another 331.903 at 0.16396997 SWAP.HIVE each and a total of 54.42212495 for LEO Power Up Day New total: 6,057.56
Still not done. Had another 5 SWAP.HIVE in my wallet so I bought and staked 25.368 more LEO at 0.16396979 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 4.15958563 SWAP.HIVE New total: 6,082.928

1/17: Staked: 17.045 New total: 6,099.973
1/18: Staked from LeoAds: 17.832 New total: 6,117.805
1/19: Staked: 18.338 New total: 6,136.143
Bought and staked 65 LEO at 0.15557 SWAP.HIVE each for total of 10.11205 SWAP.HIVE New total: 6,201.143
1/20: Staked: 10.017 New total: 6,211.16
Bought and staked: 8 more LEO at 0.15081818 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 1.25887935 SWAP.HIVE New total: 6,219.507

520.492 (9%) increase in LEO Power this week
1,780.493 away from my goal of 8,000 LEO Power
~78% of my goal is achieved was achieved this week



Total as of 1/13: 331,390.22
Total as of 1/15: 331,394.22
Total as of 1/17: 331,397.22
Total as of 1/19: 331,405.22
Bought 12,100 BBH at 0.00124 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 15.004 SWAP.HIVE New total: 343,505.22
Total as of 1/20: 343,507.22

12,117 (~3.7%) increase in BBH tokens this week
156,492.78 away from my goal of 500,000 BBH tokens
~69% of my goal was achieved this week

This week’s rewards from @bbhbot for hold BBH tokens
ALIVE: 7.5432
CTP: 7.543
LEO: 1.565
SWAP.HIVE: 0.36264433



Total from 1/13: 9,063.8129
1/15: Staked: 13.8886 New total: 9,078.3015
1/17: Staked: 9.659 New total: 9,088.1605
1/19: Staked: 6.7613 New total: 9,095.2218
Bought and staked: 590 ALIVE at 0.025999 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 15.33941 SWAP.HIVE New total: 9,685.2218
1/20: Staked: 18.1288 New total: 9,703.4506

639.6377 (7%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
296.5494 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
97% of my goal was achieved this week


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