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Weekly Update for December 9th, 2023

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Finished the Holiday Letter Mailing Yesterday

And this next week I am going to be on a five-day webinar to learn how to
do bookkeeping.
I learned that you don’t really need to know Math to do bookkeeping.
That’s very encouraging. We shall see this week.
My cousin has two bookkeepers in his office already but they are young moms with kids.
So I can help when one or both of them need time off.
And I can use it as a side hustle from home too.
More skills = More Money.
I can do that math.

On to the purpose for this post


Friday Buy Day 12/8

I already had 0.36593984 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine Wallet
I bought $20 USD worth of Litecoin this week
My focus was on buying HBD to upgrade my new Hive account, @boomertunes to Premium on INLEO. I received $18.32 USD in Litecoin after the fees.
I deposited that to SWAP.LTC and received 0.23941584 SWAP.LTC which I traded for 48.40205352 SWAP.HIVE

I traded a few other tokens to get to 50.01415768 SWAP.HIVE
Needed to withdraw enough SWAP.HIVE to Liquid Hive to convert to HBD and transfer that to my other HIVE account and upgrade it to premium on INLEO
Withdrew 5 SWAP.HIVE to get 4.962 Liquid Hive
Withdrew 5 SWAP.HIVE to get 4.962 HIVE
total of 9.924 Liquid Hive
I sold them on Wallet.Hive.Blog Market for 3.728 HBD
Sent 10.578 HBD in my PeakD wallet to my new Hive account

12/9: Still had 41.79736057 SWAP.HIVE to reinvest.
Bought CTP, BBH, and HE INDEX today.


CTP Power from CTPtalk, CTPX, BBH and ListNerds
Total from 12/2: 101,362.963
12/3: Staked: 40.134 New total: 101,403.097
12/4: Staked: 81.955 New total: 101,485.052
12/6: Staked: 68.684 New total: 101,553.736
12/8: Staked: 107.89 New total: 101,661.626
12/9 Staked: 50.596 New total: 101,712.222
12/9: Bought and Staked: 5970.636 @0.0012988 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 7.75466204 SWAP.HIVE New total: 107,682.858

6,319.895 (6.23%) increase in CTP Power
92,317.142 away from my goal of 200,000 CTP Power
~54% of my goal is achieved this week


CTPX Sites Xplored
Total on 12/2: 32,816
12/2: Xplored: 252 New total: 33,068
12/3: Xplored: 250 New total: 33,318
12/4: Xplored: 260 New total: 33,578
12/5: Xplored: 160 New total: 33,738
12/6: Xplored: 342 New total: 34,080
12/8: Xplored: 150 New total: 34,230

1,414 Sites Xplored on CTPX this week
5,770 away from my year end goal of 40,000 Xplored Sites
~86% of my goal is achieved this week


Total from 12/2: 4550
12/9: Bought 37 at 0.3 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 11.1 SWAP.HIVE
New total: 4587
0.8% increase in HE-INDEX holdings
3,413 away from my goal of 8,000 HE-INDEX
57% of my goal is achieved this week


Total from 12/2: 4,586.629
12/3: Staked: 3.401 New total: 4,590.03
12/4: Staked: 3.387 New total: 4,593.417
12/6: Staked: 5.148 New total: 4,598.565
12/8: Staked: 7.338 New total: 4,605.903
12/9: Staked: 4.009 New total: 4,609.912

23.283 (0.5%) increase in LEO Power this week
3,390.088 away from my goal of 8,000 LEO Power
~58% of my goal is achieved this week


Total as of 12/2: 280,045.5
Total as of 12/4: 280,048.5
Total as of 12/8: 280,049.5

Bought 19,950.5 at 0.00114 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 22.74357 SWAP.HIVE
New total: 300,000 (Goal Reached)
New goal: 500,000
60% of New goal is achieved now.

Rewards this week from at bbhbot for holding BBH tokens:
ALIVE: 7.7009
CTP: 7.701
I’ve been earning CTP rewards here since about the middle of October
Don’t know how I missed that.
LEO: 1.613
SWAP.HIVE: 0.36697946


Total from 12/2: 7,765.5043
12/3: Staked: 6.6475 New total: 7,772.2518
12/4: Staked: 5.8536 New total: 7,778.1054
12/6: Staked: 3.6926 New total: 7,781.798
12/8: Staked: 8.8386 New total: 7,790.8366
12/9: Staked: 14.3908 New total: 7,805.3274

39.8231 (0.5%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
2,194.6726 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
78% of my goal is achieved this week


That is all for this week!

What is Hive?

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