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Weekly Update for November 25th, 2023

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Trading Tokens and Buying HBD

Wednesday, 11/22: I logged into Hive Engine and found a bunch of tokens that I could trade to get SWAP.HIVE. I already had 0.52424768 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine wallet. I ended up with 11.11362579 SWAP.HIVE after making the trades.

11/24 Friday Buy Day
I started with 11.11362579 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine Wallet.
I did some more trades and got that total up to 11.79151253 SWAP.HIVE.

I doubled my fiat investment this week to buy $32.00 USD worth of Litecoin so that I could get enough HBD to renew my upgrade in CTPX and renew the premium upgrade for INLEO. They are both expiring in a few days. I got $30.01 USD worth of Litecoin after a fee of $1.99.

I sent $29.70 USD in LITECOIN to SWAP.LTC in Hive Engine and
received 0.42051546 SWAP.LTC that I traded for 84.71057920 SWAP.HIVE.

I ended up with 96.73688917 SWAP.HIVE and I withdrew 60 SWAP.HIVE to liquid HIVE to buy enough HBD to renew the two upgrades.
I received 59.55 HIVE that I sold for 20.896 HBD

I have 39.3236519 SWAP.HIVE left to reinvest.
I am saving it to add to the upcoming week’s investment and get a nice bunch of HIVE to power up on the last HIVE power-up day for 2023.


CTP Power from CTPtalk and ListNerds

Total from 11/18: 100,784.088
11/21: Staked: 110.428 New total: 100,894.516
11/22: Staked: 30.353 New total: 100,924.869
11/24: Staked: 81.087 New total: 101,005.956
11/25: Staked: 7.832 New total: 101,013.788

229.70 (0.22%) increase in CTP Power this week
98,986.212 away from my goal of 200,000 CTP Power
Staying at around 50% of my goal



Total from 11/18: 4,539.495
11/21: Staked: 6.586 New total: 4,546.081
11/22: Staked: 2.479 New total: 4,548.56
11/24: Staked: 3.808 New total: 4,552.368
11/25: Staked: 3.284 New total: 4,555.652

16.157 (~0.4%) increase in LEO Power this week
3,444.348 away from my goal of 8,000 LEO Power
~57% of my goal is achieved this week



Total from 11/18: 7,695.3188
11/21: Staked: 8.4908 New total: 7,704.6096
11/22: Staked: 1.3485 New total: 7,705.9581
11/24: Staked: 1.0935 New total: 7,707.0516
11/25: Staked: 7.7383 New total: 7,714.8899

19.5711 (~0.3%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
2,285.1101 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
Still, around 77% of my goal is achieved this week.

That is all for this time!

See you here again next week!

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