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Weekly Update For December 2nd, 2023

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Remembered to Power Up Hive 10 out of 12 Months This Year!

Goal for 2024: Power Up Hive on all Power Up Days!

I didn’t realize I hadn’t powered up on September’s Power Up Day.
I might not have gotten a badge because I didn’t power up at least 10
But yesterday I powered up 50 so I got a Level 2 Power Up Bee

Anyway, on to my progress report for this last week.


Bought My LITECOIN on Thursday and My HIVE on Friday

11/30 39.32374985 SWAP.HIVE in my HE Wallet.
Bought my $16 USD in LITECOIN in preparation for Hive Power Up Day on December 1st.
Received $14.36 USD worth of LTC

12/1 Sent $14.74 USD in LTC from Coinbase to SWAP.LTC on Hive Engine

Received 0.20513828 SWAP.LTC which I traded for 40.76537069 SWAP.HIVE
80.10084342 SWAP.HIVE With drew and got 79.499 liquid Hive to power up
Before Power Up: 6,825.115 HP
After Power Up: 6,904.614 HP

I was doing this whenever I could because Hive Engine was being worked on and
it was kind of a challenge. But I didn’t relent and give up.


CTP Power from CTPtalk and ListNerds

Total from 11/25: 101,013.788
11/26: Staked: 39.205 New total: 101,052.993
11/30: Staked: 185.158 New total: 101,238.151
12/1: Staked: 69.534 New total: 101,307.685
12/2: Staked: 55.278 New total: 101,362.963

349.175 (0.3%) increase in CTP Power this week
98,637.037 away from my goal of 200,000 CTP Power
~51% of my goal is achieved this week



12/1: Total Sites Xplored: 32816
Goal for Remainder of 2023: 40,000 total sites Xplored
7,184 Xplored sites away from this goal
82% of this goal is achieved.

29 Days including today left in this month and the year.
In order to hit the goal I will have to Xplore 248 sites a day.
I am upgraded to the 1:1 (8 Seconds) Xplore Ratio
That’s manageable taking into account Christmas day.
I will probably Xplore more sites before and after the holiday.
Xploring helps me find content to upvote and comment on as well.
When I find a piece of content that I want to curate I open it up outside of CTPX to read after I am finished.

Since I joined CTPX I’ve won 3,488.460 CTP tokens which I’ve powered up on Hive Engine with the other CTP tokens that I’ve earned or purchased.



Total as of 11/11: 280,030.5
Total as of 11/14: 280,033.5
Total as of 11/15: 280,034.5
Total as of 11/18: 280,035.5
Total as of 11/21: 280,041.5
Total as of 11/30: 280,043.5
Total as of 12/1: 280,045.5

Over a couple of weeks by BBH token holdings have increased by 15 tokens
19,954.5 away from my goal of 300,000 BBH tokens
93% of my goal is achieved this week

11/26: Didn’t report my rewards from @bbhbot on the 25th because they didn’t show up in Hive Engine while I was working on my weekly update

These are my rewards for 11/25 from @bbhbot for holding BBH tokens:
7.7383 ALIVE
1.622 LEO
0.36888136 SWAP.HIVE

These are my rewards from @bbhbot from 12/2 for holding BBH tokens:
7.6555 ALIVE
1.606 LEO
0.36497935 SWAP.HIVE



Total from 11/25: 7,714.8899
11/26: Staked: 2.4346 New total: 7,717.5245
11/30: Staked: 28.3453 New total: 7,746.1698
12/1: Staked: 5.2872 New total: 7,751.8570
12/2: Staked: 13.5473 New total: 7,765.5043

50.6144 (~0.7%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
2,234.4957 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
~78% of my goal is achieved this week


That’s all for this week.

See you again next time.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the weekend.

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