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Weekly Hive Stacks Progress Update for 10/21/2023

Image created using with a picture created by doze381 from the Hive Assets Channel in the Hive Discord Server.

This is going to be a bit of an abbreviated update this week.
I started working on an offline project for my cousin. He is the accountant for whom I do reception work during the tax season.
I am purging documents from his paper files to make room for the new paperwork.
Evidently, unless there is evidence of fraud, the IRS now only requires that 3 years of tax documents be retained.
My guess is that this project will last a good couple of weeks if not more.
Yesterday, I was there for four hours and got through one of the file drawers.
They’re big wide drawers.
I don’t mind doing it because I am in a back room and I don’t necessarily need to be there any fixed hours.
It works really well for whatever else I have going on in my life.

On to my weekly update!


Friday Buy Day 10/20

I already had 0.66194067 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine Wallet.
I made my weekly investment of $16 USD into Litecoin and ended up with $14.37 USD worth of Litecoin after the fees. I am using 10 dollars of Litecoin for something else this week so I am only depositing $4.37 USD worth of Litecoin to SWAP.LTC on Hive Engine.
I ended up with 0.06821734 SWAP.LTC which I traded for 14.15658548 SWAP.HIVE
I traded some other tokens to get to 14.97546887 SWAP.HIVE.
I withdrew it from Hive Engine to get liquid HIVE tokens, bought just over $4 in HBD, and put it into my HBD savings.
My plan is to make this a weekly thing. Use half to buy tokens and half to put into HBD savings.


CTP Power from CTPtalk and ListNerds

Total from 10/15: 97,105.083
10/15: Staked: 50.326 New total: 97,155.409
10/17: Staked: 75.432 New total: 97,230.841
10/20: Staked: 71.314 New total: 97,302.155
10/21: Staked: 47.56 New total: 97,349.715

244.632 (~0.3%) increase in CTP Power
2,650.285 away from my goal of 100,000 CTP Power
97% of my goal is achieved as of today, 10/21.



Total from 10/15: 4,222.405
10/17: Staked: 6.041 New total: 4,228.446
10/20: Staked: 4.891 New total: 4,233.337
10/21: Staked: 4.351 New total: 4,237.688

15.283 (~0.4%) increase in LEO Power this week
3,762.312 away from my goal of 8,000 LEO Power
~53% of my goal is achieved as of today, 10/21.



Total as of 10/15: 266,657
Total as of 10/17: 266,658

10/21: I received my weekly token drip rewards from @bbhbot for holding BBH tokens.
ALIVE: 10.8365
LEO: 2.272
SWAP.HIVE: 0.50907863



Total from 10/15: 7,456.4718
10/15: Staked: 9.4831 New total: 7,465.9549
10/17: Staked: 6.7847 New total: 7,473.1396
10/20: Staked: 2.9334 New total: 7,476.073
10/21: Staked: 12.9945 New total: 7,489.0675

32.5957 (0.43%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
2,510.9325 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
~75% of my goal is achieved as of today, 10/21

That is all for this time.
Enjoy your day and see you next week.

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