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Weekly Hive Stacks Progress Update for 10/07/2023

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Finally Getting Some Cool, Crisp Autumn Weather Here in My Corner of the USA

This last week it seemed that summer wouldn’t let go.
I am glad we have air conditioners but I still prefer to not have to run them constantly.
A cold front came through on Thursday and I am loving it.
We went out last night around 10 to go to a grocery store across town that is usually really crowded during the day and especially on weekend days. They are opened 24 hours. The only one that is anymore.
I had to have a sweatshirt on. It was awesome. And there was hardly anyone in the store at that hour which meant no waiting in long lines to check out. My Dad thinks we’re crazy. LOL

I am getting some work done so I can get out and enjoy some of this lovely fresh air.

And now on to the reason I am here. My weekly progress report.


Friday Buy Day 10/6

I already had 8.34337283 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine Wallet from trading other tokens earlier in the week.
I used Coinbase to make my weekly fiat investment of $16 USD to buy Litecoin.
$14.34 USD worth of Litecoin went to SWAP.LTC on Hive Engine.
I received 0.2169539 worth of SWAP.LTC in Hive Engine which I traded for 47.75877653 SWAP.HIVE.
56.13013185 HIVE to reinvest this week.


CTP Power from CTPtalk and ListNerds

Total from 9/30: 92,393.081
10/01: Staked: 41.837 New total: 92,434.918
10/02; Staked: 57.738 New total: 92,492.656
10/04: Staked: 115.893 New total: 92,608.549
10/05: Staked: 88.470 New total: 92,697.019
10/06: Staked: 30.736 New total: 92,727.755
Bought and staked 3810.496 at 0.0020947 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of
7.98184597 New total: 96,538.251

10/07: Staked: 84.936 New total: 96,623.187

4,230.106 (~4.6%) increase in CTP Power this week.
3,376.813 away from my goal of 100,000 CTP Power
~97% of my goal was achieved this week.


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 9/30: 200997.918
10/01: Claimed and staked: 55.059 New total: 201052.977
10/02: Claimed and staked: 55.075 New total: 201108.052
10/04: Claimed and staked: 110.19 New total: 201218.242
10/05: Claimed and staked: 55.125 New total: 201273.367
10/06: Claimed and staked: 55.112 New total: 201328.479
10/07: Claimed and staked: 55.075 New total: 201383.554

385.636 (~0.2%) increase in staked LISTNERDS this week
48,616.446 away from my goal of 250,000 staked LISTNERDS
~81% of my goal was achieved this week.



Total from 9/30: 4480
10/06: Bought 70 INDEX tokens at 0.29973999 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of
20.9817993 SWAP.HIVE
New total: 4550

~1.6% increase in HE-INDEX token holdings this week
3,450 away from my goal of holding 8,000 HE-INDEX tokens
~57% of my goal was achieved this week



Total from 9/30: 3,773.414
10/01: Staked: 2.698 New total: 3,776.112
10/02: Staked: 1.393 New total: 3,777.505
10/04: Staked: 3.63 New total: 3,781.135
10/05: Staked: 1.357 New total: 3,782.492
10/06: Staked: 1.958 New total: 3,784.45
10/07: Staked: 3.192 New total: 3,787.642

14.228 (~0.4%) increase in LEO Power this week
212.358 away from my goal of 4,000 LEO Power
~95% of my goal was achieved this week



Total as of 10/01: 250,000
Total as of 10/06: 250002
Bought 16654 at 0.00089999 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 14.98843346 SWAP.HIVE. New total: 266,656

I received my weekly drips of ALIVE, LEO and SWAP.HIVE from at bbhbot as a reward for holding BBH tokens. The more BBH you hold the more passive income you earn.
This weeks earnings:
ALIVE: 11.7559
LEO: 1.226
SWAP.HIVE: 0.54949531

Here is the link to a mini white paper about how the BBH token works



Total from 10/01: 7,026.0994
10/01: Staked: 3.8587 New total: 7,030.2581
10/02: Staked: 1.7344 New total: 7,032.2925
10/04: Staked: 5.5681 New total: 7,037.8606
10/05: Staked: 3.2748 New total: 7,041.1354
10/06: Staked: 0.7944 New total: 7,042.1298
Bought and staked 367.3005 at 0.0367 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 13.47992835 SWAP.HIVE New total: 7,409.4303
10/07: Staked: 13.1878 New total: 7,422.6181

416.5187 (~6%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
2,577.3819 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
~74% of my goal was achieved this week.


That is all for this week. Enjoy the rest of your day and the weekend.

See you next time.

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