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Reaching A Couple of Token Stacking Goals and Setting New Goals for Them!

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Had a Visit From My Cousin This Morning So I am Running Late Today!

We had a nice time catching up. So much going on in everyone’s lives.
After she left we had lunch and then did some of the prep for tonight’s dinner.
Finally got back up to my office and to my computer.
Not much else going on today. It’s the first day of my favorite season. FALL!

On to my weekly token stacking report!


Friday Buy Day 9/22

Started with 5.82490709 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine Wallet
Made my weekly purchase of Litecoin with $16 USD in fiat
Received $14.39 USD in Litecoin and sent it to SWAP.LTC
Received 0.22043215 SWAP.LTC and traded it for 48.68434875 SWAP.HIVE
Ended up with 54.50925585 SWAP.HIVE to reinvest this week.


Got Some STARBITS This Time and Will Buy Some Card Packs This Weekend

Had 2.98737602 HIVE left so I used it to buy 229500 STARBITS at 0.000013 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 2.9835 SWAP.HIVE.
The new total of STARBITS in Hive Engine is 1,369,597
And I have 176,700 more STARBITS in my game account.


CTP Power from CTPtalk and ListNerds

Total from 9/16: 91,543.149
9/17: Staked: 45.669 New total: 91,588.818
9/18: Staked: 28.356 New total: 91,617.174
9/20: Staked: 95.832 New total: 91,713.006
9/22: Staked: 86.759 New total: 91,799.765
9/23: Staked: 46.357 New total: 91,846.122

302.973 (0.33%) increase in CTP Power this week
8,153.878 away from my goal of 100,000 CTP Power
~92% of my goal is achieved this week


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 9/16: 180311.880
9/17: Claimed and staked: 49.396 New total: 180361.276
9/18: Claimed and staked: 49.414 New total: 180410.690
9/20: Claimed and staked: 98.849 New total: 180509.539
Staked another 5 that I earned from reading ListNerds emails New total: 180514.539
9/22: Claimed and staked: 98.835 New total: 180613.374
Bought 2000 at 0.000895 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 17.9 SWAP.HIVE. Transferred them in from Hive Engine
New total: 200613.374
Setting a new goal of 250,000 LISTNERDS
9/23: Claimed and staked: 54.647 New total: 200668.021

20,356.141(11%) increase in staked LISTNERDS
49,331.979 away from my new goal of 250,000 staked LISTNERDS
80% of my goal was achieved this week



Total from 9/16: 4444
9/22 Bought 36 more INDEX at 0.5 Hive each for a total of 18 SWAP.HIVE
New total: 4480

Increased by 0.8%
3520 away from my goal of 8000 HE-INDEX
56% of my goal was achieved this week



Total from 9/16: 3,746.065
9/17: Staked: 2.001 New total: 3,748.066
9/18: Staked: 1.689 New total: 3,749.755
9/20: Staked: 2.994 New total: 3,752.749
9/22: Staked: 3.005 New total: 3,755.754
9/23: Staked: 3.187 New total: 3,758.941

12.876 (0.3%) increase in LEO Power this week
241.059 away from my goal of 4000 LEO Power
~94% of my goal is achieved this week



Total as of 9/16: 226,784
9/22: Bought 23,216 BBH at 0.00089 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 20.66224 SWAP.HIVE
This was the exact amount I needed to hit my goal of 250,000 BBH tokens
The new goal set is for 300,000 BBH tokens

23,216 (10%) increase in BBH tokens this week
50,000 away from my new goal of 300,000 BBH tokens
~83% of my goal is achieved this week

Received my weekly rewards from @bbhbot for holding BBH tokens.

SWAP.HIVE: 0.51655402
ALIVE: 11.0247
LEO: 1.149



Total from 9/16: 6,967.6093
9/17: Staked: 5.0734 New total: 6,972.8827
9/18: Staked: 0.9508 New total: 6,974.0335
9/20: Staked: 5.2736 New total: 6,979.7071
9/22: Staked: 3.2116 New total: 6,983.0187
9/23: Staked: 12.5962 New total: 6,995.8149

28.2056 (0.4%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
3,004.1851 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
~70% of my goal is achieved this week


That’s all for this week. Have a great rest of your day and weekend.
Going to work on the rest of my task list now.

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