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Weekly Update for the First Week in August 2023

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Buy Day was 8/1 this Week because of Hive Power Up Day

I bought my $16 USD worth of LTC to send to SWAP.LTC and trade for SWAP.HIVE. Right now I have 1.46055399 SWAP.HIVE in my wallet
Traded 0.15465996 SWAP.LTC for 40.49115161 SWAP.HIVE
Withdrew 41.9517056 SWAP.HIVE to Power Up for Power Up Day.

8/4 Had 0.00072514 SWAP.HIVE in my Hive Engine Wallet.
I also had tokens to trade from holding HE-INDEX tokens.
I ended up with 7.12540736 SWAP.HIVE to trade for other tokens.


CTP Power from CTPtalk and ListNerds

Total from 7/29: 86,661.098
7/31: Staked: 170.797 New total: 86,831.895
Won 10 CTP tokens while reading emails on LISTNERDS New total: 86,841.895
8/4: Staked: 216.551 (includes another 10 CTP tokens that I won from reading emails in my ListNerds inbox) New total: 87,058.446
8/5: Staked: 66.395 New total: 87,124.841

463.743 (0.5%) increase in CTP Power this week
12,875.159 CTP Power away from my goal of 100,000
87% of my goal is achieved this week


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 7/29: 177397.749
7/31: Claimed and staked: 97.188 New total: 177494.937
Won 10 LISTNERDS while reading emails in my LISTNERDS inbox: 177504.937
8/4: Claimed and staked: 107.261 (includes 10 LISTNERDS won from reading emails in my ListNerds inbox) New total: 177612.198
Bought and staked 900 at 0.0079 SWAP.HIVE each for a total of 7.11 SWAP.HIVE
New total: 178512.198

1,114.449 ( ~0.63%) increase in staked LISTNERDS this week
21,487.802 away from my goal of 200,000 staked LISTNERDS
89% of my goal is achieved this week.



Total from 7/29: 3,024.248
7/31: Staked: 1.066 New total: 3,025.314
8/4: Staked: 6.062 New total: 3,031.376
8/5: Staked: 1.89 New total: 3,033.266

9.018 (~0.3%f) increase in LEO Power this week
966.734 away from my goal of 4000 LEO Power
~76% of my goal is achieved this week



Total as of 7/29: 173,810
Earned 0.38373912 SWAP.HIVE and 0.854 LEO from @bbhbot this week as a reward for holding BBH tokens



Total from 7/29: 5,795.8044
7/31: Staked: 22.3027 New total: 5,818.3071
8/4: Staked: 17.7754 New total: 5,836.6825
8/5: Staked: 3.9298 New total: 5,840.9123

45.1079 (~0.78%) increase in ALIVE Power this week
4,159.0877 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
58% of my goal is achieved this week.


That is all for this week. I have a problem to resolve with my Pizza Plan website.
I got a new hosting plan yesterday and they did the migration during the night.
Something didn’t move over because there was an error message when I checked it today.
So, I have submitted a support ticket to my hosting company and fingers-crossed that it’s a simple fix.
If you’re interested, here is a screenshot with the error message.

Screenshot 2023-08-05 105423.png

Not Good!

Off to check off the rest of my tasks.
Have a great rest of your day and weekend.

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