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Recounting Family Stories and Turning Them into a Book Part 3 — Promoting the Book

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We Need to Have a Book Signing

I am not sure who brought that up initially.
We first had to figure out when the book would be published and available to order. That way they would have their books in hand to bring to the book signing event. I guess that’s the way it’s done.

Once we found out when the publishing happened we set a date for the 30th of July. Won’t have to rent a space because we are able to use the church basement. It’s actually larger than most spaces we would have tried to rent. We are expecting a crowd. Big Family and lots of friends.

The date is July 30th.



My Dad has been interviewed twice.

He was contacted by a board member of the Kenosha Historical Society at the end of March. He was going to be leaving for Italy the next day so the interviews were set for May 17th and 19th. The 19th was recorded and will be aired in a couple of different places in a few weeks.
I will share when it is broadcast.

Last week Thursday there was an impromptu interview with the Director of Content at who is also a Kenosha native. That interview was done in the living room of our home. works in conjunction with Channel 4 in Milwaukee.
They called from there this morning to do an interview on Zoom which will happen next week and air live.


The Response Has Been Awesome

In the few short weeks since the book has been out there have been so many wonderful comments by the people who have already bought the book.
And it has brought so many family members and friends together.

He’s already gotten at least one deposit to his bank account from books that have sold. He wants updates every day though.

Dad is starting to realize that word of mouth is spreading and he stop worrying so much about being able to sell the book. It is selling.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little series.

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