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Weekly Update for May 20, 2023

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Kind of Noisy Here Today!

The asbestos tiles are being torn off the roof today. And the roofing company is coming out on Monday to do the rest of the job. We had to close our windows so the dust wouldn’t come into the house. At least it isn’t hot outside.

My Dad was interviewed yesterday for an oral history series with the Kenosha Historical Society called Kenosha Voices. I was there with him and on camera to help if he needed clarification on dates or locations otherwise he did most of the talking.
One branch of our local library has a professional studio/creative space for people to use for those kinds of things. Our tax dollars are being used well.
Anyway, my plan is to do another post around this.
His interview has to be edited yet and won’t be on for several weeks yet because there are some ahead of his.
On to the purpose of this post.


Friday Buy Day 5/19/2023

I started with 0.61636793 Swap.Hive in my Hive Engine Wallet.
I made my weekly $16 USD fiat investment to buy Litecoin on Coinbase.
That yielded $14.28 USD worth of Litecoin after the fee.
I deposited that to Swap.LTC on Hive Engine.
Received 0.1548909 Swap.LTC which I traded for 38.57311515 Swap.Hive
Had to wait for the Sell order to complete.
Once it did I had 40.05703139 Swap.Hive to reinvest this week.


CTP Power on CTPtalk

Total from 5/13: 75456.526
5/15: Staked: 85.133 New total: 75,541.659
5/16: Staked: 44.539 New total: 75,586.198
5/17: Staked: 63.342 New total: 75,649.54
5/18: Staked: 53.005 New total: 75,702.545
5/19: Staked: 61.145 New total: 75,763.69
5/20: Staked: 35.926 New total: 75,799.616

343.09(~0.45%) increase in CTP Power
24,200.384 away from my goal of 100,000 CTP Power
~75.8% of my goal achieved


5/18 Got 10 CTPM from @jongolson for showing for the CryptoManiacs podcast live stream and asking a question in the #threadcast set up by @taskmaster4450 (this is the one from the show on Thursday)
Your question(s) will get answered live during the stream.

New total after staking: 1107 CTPM
Just more reinforcement that you can earn crypto very easily just by showing up and being active.


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 5/13: 152730.820
5/13: Claimed and staked: 41.841 New total: 152772.661
5/18: Claimed and staked: 41.832 New total: 152814.493
5/19: Claimed and staked: 41.835 New total: 152856.328
Bought 6000 more at 0.00186999 Swap.Hive each and total of 11.21994 Swap.Hive
New total: 158856.328

6,125.508 (4%) increase in staked ListNerds this week
41,143.672 away from my goal of 200,000
~79% of my goal achieved this week



Total from 5/13: 3851
5/19: Bought 48 at 0.42 Swap.Hive each and a total of 20.16 Swap.Hive
New total: 3899

HE-INDEX holdings increased by 1.2% this week
4101 away from my goal of 8000 HE-INDEX tokens
~49% of my goal was achieved this week.



Total from 5/13 : 2,133.541
5/15: Bought 24 More LEO at 0.15999 Swap.Hive each and a total of 3.83976 Swap.Hive to boost my Power Up for today
Staked: 238.554 New total: 2,372.095
5/16: Staked: 2.12 New total: 2,374.215
5/17: Staked: 2.143 New total: 2,376.358
5/18: Staked: 1.673 New total: 2,378.031
5/19: Staked: 2.678 New total: 2,380.709
5/20: Staked: 1.603 New total: 2,382.312

248.771 (~11.67%)increase in staked LEO this week
1617.688 away from my goal of 4000 LEO Power
~59.5% of my goal achieved



Total as of 5/13: 139,498
Total as of 5/19: 138,500
Bought 11,500 at 0.00072 Swap.Hive each and a total of 8,28 Swap.Hive each
New total: 151000
Passed goal of 150000. The new goal set at 250000
100000 away from that
60% of my next goal achieved

Received 0.43290456 SWAP.HIVE this week from @bbhbot for holding BBH tokens



Total from 5/13: 5,024.3215
5/14: Claimed and staked: 7.6751 New total: 5,032.4966
5/16: Claimed and staked: 3.962 New total: 5,036.6586
5/17: Claimed and staked: 1.4164 New total: 5,038.375
5/18: Claimed and staked: 0.7974 New total: 5,039.2724
5/19: Claimed and staked: 0.5367 New total: 5,039.9091
5/20: Claimed and staked: 1.1922 New total: 5,041.5013

17.1798 (~0.34%) increase in staked ALIVE tokens this week
4,958.4987 away from my goal of 10,000 ALIVE Power
~50.4% of my goal achieved


That is about all for this week.
Going to attack the rest of my task list
Have a great rest of your day and weekend.

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