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Didn’t Get Up for the Coronation of Charles III

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My Dad Got up at 4 am and Watched the Whole Thing

If I am going to get up at that hour it’s going to have to be for something that will have a direct impact on my life one way or the other.
I think sometimes people forget that a revolution was fought over 200 years ago to get away from all that.
I actually saw it when they put the crown on his head and he didn’t look the least bit happy. Of course, it looks pretty heavy so I wouldn’t be pleased either.
I kind of felt bad for his grandkids having to sit through that. I remember going to Mass on Sunday when I was a little kid and having to sit still and be quiet in church for an hour. It was a struggle. They were actually very well-behaved.
So, yeah I saw some of it. But not on purpose. We were up and having our breakfast while it was on.
My Dad will probably watch the Kentucky Derby later this afternoon too.
He likes all that ceremonial stuff.
Not much else going on this weekend.
On to my weekly update.


Thursday and Friday Token Buying Activities

Thursday, May 4th:

This week’s Hive token buying is going to have a bump from other tokens I traded that were in my wallet. I got them as dividends from holding HE-INDEX tokens.

Started with 0.00081161 in my Hive Engine wallet

After trading several tokens that I earned as dividends from holding HE INDEX tokens I had 20.37662639 Swap.Hive in my wallet.

I asked a question on the threadcast for the CryptoManiacs podcast and @jongolson sent me 10 CTPM as a reward for taking action. So, now I have 1082 CTPM tokens staked and earning CTP tokens for me. Pretty Sweet, huh?

Friday Buy Day for May 5th:

I did my weekly fiat dollar cost average and bought $16 USD worth of Litecoin on Coinbase. That purchase yielded $14.29 USD worth of Litecoin and sent it to Swap.LTC on Hive Engine.
I received 0.16279226 Swap.LTC and traded it for 36.05848596 Swap.Hive.
Had 56.43511238 Swap.Hive to reinvest this week.


CTP Power on CTPtalk

As of 5/5 I have 8,965.638
Bought another 1000 CTP at 0.01 Swap.Hive each and a total of 10 Swap.Hive
New total: 9,965.638
As of 5/6 I have 9,998.442

I am going to go ahead and stake them and reach my goal of 75,000 CTP Power.


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 04/29: 146017.559
4/30: Claimed and staked: (175.895 from SOLO mail sent on 4/29 that was verified and paid and 39.993 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS)
New total: 146233.447

5/1: Claimed and staked: 39.942 New total: 146273.389
5/2: Claimed and staked: 39.811 New total: 146313.200
5/3: Claimed and staked: 40.067 New total: 146353.267
5/4: Claimed and staked: 40.075 New total: 146393.342
5/5: Claimed and staked: 40.211 New total: 146433.553
Bought 12 Hive worth of LISTNERDS at 0.002 Swap.Hive each
Received 6000 LISTNERDS to import from Hive Engine and stake on the site.
New total: 152433.553

5/6: Claimed and staked: 41.673 New total: 152475.226

6,457.667(4.42%) increase in staked LISTNERDS
53,982.441 away from my next goal of 200,000 staked LISTNERDS
76.23% of my goal achieved



Total from 4/29: 3755
5/5 Bought 40 at 0.45 Swap.Hive each.
Total of 18 Swap.Hive
New total: 3795

1.06% increase in HE-INDEX this week
4205 away from my goal of 8000
47% of my goal achieved



Total from 4/29 : 2,096.405
4/30: Claimed and staked: 3.396 New total: 2,099.801
5/1: Claimed and staked: 2.693 New total: 2,102.494
5/2: Claimed and staked: 3.075 New total: 2,105.569
5/3: Claimed and staked: 2.652 New total: 2,108.221
5/4: Claimed and staked: 2.917 New total: 2,111.138
5/5: Claimed and staked: 2.526 New total: 2,113.664
5/6: Claimed and staked: 2.411 New total: 2,116.075

19.67 (0.9%) increase in staked LEO this week
1,883.925 away from my next goal of 4000 staked LEO
~53% of my goal achieved


Total as of 4/29: 138,294
As of 4/30: I have 138,295
As of 5/5: I have 138,297
Bought 1200 at 0.00999999 Swap.Hive each and a total of 11.99998800 Swap.HIVE
New total:139,497

Increase of 1203 (~0.9%) increase in BBH holdings this week
10,503 away from my goal of 150000 BBH
~93% of my goal achieved

Received 0.430308 SWAP.HIVE this week from @bbhbot as a reward for holding BBH tokens



Total from 4/29: 4,634.6068
4/30: Claimed and staked: 6.7385 New total: 4,641.6453
5/1: Claimed and staked: 0.5763 New total: 4,642.5216
5/2: Claimed and staked: 1.2393 New total: 4,643.8609
5/3: Claimed and staked: 1.3441 New total: 4,645.205
5/4: Claimed and staked: 1.4722 New total: 4,646.6772
5/5: Claimed and staked: 1.2442 New total: 4,648.0214
Bought 351.9786 at 0.05249895 Swap.Hive each and a total of 18.47850692 Swap. That is what I needed to get to the 5000
staked ALIVE to be at the highest tipping level. I ended up with 351.9785 which left me with 0.0001 needed to hit the 5000. So I put in another order for 2.7052 more ALIVE tokens at 0.0449858 Swap.Hive each for a total of 0.12169559 Swap.Hive. After that, I staked 354.6837 to reach and just pass the goal of 5000.
New total: 5,002.7051

5/6: Claimed and staked: 0.7352 New total: 5,003.4403

368.8335 (~8%) increase in staked ALIVE tokens this week
Since I have reached the goal of 5000 staked ALIVE tokens I can now send 20 tips of 0.1 staked ALIVE tokens per day.

I set 10K ALIVE Power as my next goal.
4,996.5597 away from that or
just over halfway there right now.


That is all for this report.
Have a great rest of your day and weekend and see you next time.

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