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My Hive Stacks WeeklyUpdate for April 22nd, 2023

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Can’t Use Blocktrades in the United States Anymore

Apparently, there are regulatory restrictions being placed on them.
So, I had to find another way to trade my Litecoin for HIVE tokens.
Not dwelling on things over which I have no control.
Or at least trying not to spend too much time dwelling on things over which I have no control.
Getting right into my update this week.


Friday Buy Day 4/21/2023

I bought my usual $16 USD worth of Litecoin on Coinbase.
I ended up with $14.29 USD in LTC after the fee of $1.49
Sent $14.18 to Hive Engine to get Swap.LTC and trade it for Swap.Hive
I received 0.15801132 SWAP.LTC

I would normally have done that trade using
A while back, @tydynrain showed me how to make the trade by sending Litecoin to SWAP.LTC and then trading it for Swap.Hive. I only did it one time to see how it would work.
So, naturally, I fumbled around a bit until @jongolson reminded me yesterday in the CTP Talk Discord Server that I could do the trade that way.

As I was going through my email inbox on LISTNERDS, I found a post by @gadrian that he wrote for Leo Finance.

He starts the post off by saying that humans are creatures of habit.
I am very much a creature of habit.
As an example, I use PeakD every week to publish my posts.
I have everything set up here, including my Frequently used Snippets.

Anyway, I put in the sell order to trade the Swap.LTC for SWAP.Hive.

Screenshot 2023-04-21 121717.png

Had 0.81028532 HIVE in my wallet already

The sell order didn’t go through before we had to leave to pick my sister up at the airport.
When I logged in again this morning there was 34.3742067 Swap.Hive to reinvest.


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 04/15: 132279.479
4/16: Claimed and staked: 315.107 (278.881 from an email sent on April 8th that was verified and paid and 36.226 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS)
New total: 132594.586
4/18: Claimed and staked: 72.566 New total: 132667.152
4/19: Claimed and staked: 36.327 New total: 132703.479
4/20: Claimed and staked: 36.347 New total: 132739.826
4/21: Claimed and staked: 36.347 New total: 132776.173
4/22: Claimed and staked: 36.364 New total: 132812.537

533.058 (0.4%) increase in staked LISTNERDS this week
67,187.463 away from my next goal of 200,000
66% of my next goal was achieved.



Total from 4/15: 3703
4/22 Buy order for 24 HE-INDEX at 0.46999999 Swap.Hive each
Total of 11.27999976 Swap.Hive
New HE-INDEX holdings: 3727

Increase of 0.64%
4,273 away from my next goal of 8000 HE-INDEX
~46.6% of the goal was achieved



Total from 4/15 : 2,049.559
4/16: Staked: 3.243 New total: 2,052.802
4/18: Staked: 5.52 New total: 2,058.322
4/19: Staked: 2.79 New total: 2,061.112
4/20: Staked: 2.569 New total: 2,063.681
4/21: Staked: 3.119 New total: 2,066.800
4/22: Staked 2.66 New total: 2,069.46

19.901 (0.97%) increase in staked LEO this week
1,930.54 away from the
goal of 4000 staked LEO
~52% of the goal achieved



Total as of 4/15: 121621
4/16: Earned 1 on 4/15: 121622
4/20: Earned 1 on 4/19: 121623
4/22: Buy order for 16667 BBH at 0.00066 Swap.Hive each.
Total of 11.00022000 Swap.Hive
New BBH Holdings: 138,290

~14% increase in BBH tokens
11,710 away from the goal of 150,000 BBH tokens
92% of goal achieved

0.3783524 SWAP.HIVE earned from @bbhbot this week for holding BBH tokens


I am adding something to my report starting this week. I have been staking my ALIVE tokens for several weeks now. Almost to the 2nd Level, 5000 ALIVE tokens, for the tipping bot.
Then I can tip 20 times a day.


Total from 4/15: 4,601.5939
4/16: Staked: 14.0849 New total: 4,615.7788
4/18: Staked: 1.9119 New total: 4,617.6907
4/19: Staked: 1.0875 New total: 4,618.7782
4/20: Staked: 1.2267 New total: 4,620.0049
4/21: Staked: 1.2338 New total: 4,621.2387
4/22: Staked: 1.342 New total: 4,622.5807

20.9868 (~0.5%) increase in staked ALIVE tokens this week
377.4193 away from the next goal of 5000 staked ALIVE tokens.
92% of my goal was achieved.


That is all for this week.
A few more tasks to complete for the day.
Roy’s daughter is coming for dinner again today.
We’re getting take-out Fried Chicken this time.
Dad is on a little vacation of his own.
My sister, who we picked up from the airport yesterday, lives in Madison.
When she left to go back home yesterday afternoon she took our Dad with her for the week.
He’ll get to see his other grandson too.
Next week she has to come back to town for a bridal shower so she’ll bring him home too.

We usually meet her halfway when she has him go and visit her.
Have a great rest of your day and weekend.
See you next time!

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