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Got a New Laptop This Week!

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We Were Looking into Having my Old Laptop Fixed

It would have ended up costing more than it was worth because there was probably more than just a flashing screen that was wrong with it.

I was trying to use it as a spare and keep the one we just replaced as my main one.

We went a bit over our initial budget in order to get something that had both a Solid State Drive and a Hard Disk Drive with plenty of storage space.

The laptop I was using is now my backup and I use it while I work and watch TV.
It still has Windows 10 running on it.
My new laptop is super-fast with 32 GB of RAM and it has a full 1080 HD Monitor.
The processor is an Intel Core i5
And I chose to go ahead and download the upgrade to Windows 11.
I was hesitating at first because I saw some complaints about it online but I had to see for myself anyway.
They give you 10 days to decide if you want to revert back to Windows 10 which helped my decision-making.
Everything that worked before still works now.
The only thing that was different from what we expected was the RAM.
We thought it was upgradeable to 40 GB and that it already had an 8GB memory stick soldered in with space for the 32GB one we bought. When Roy opened it up to do the upgrade yesterday, he discovered that was not the case. There was only 1 slot for a memory stick with the 8GB already there.
I am not complaining. It boots up very fast and it has the speed required and more for what I do.
Most of the afternoon was spent getting the new laptop set up and moving to Windows 11, etc. That was after having worked at my cousin’s office from 8 am to 1 pm.
Busy day yesterday and today is for catching up with online work.
Onto my weekly Hive stacks progress.


Buy Days were Thursday and Saturday this Week

I bought my LTC and Hive on Thursday to get a head start on my weekly
token buying.
There is 8.070 Hive left in my wallet from last week when I bought $35 USD worth of Hive to pay Affiliate commissions for The Pizza Plan.
I also used some of it to Power Up Hive on this month’s HPUD

So that just means I have a bit extra to invest in tokens because I still did my weekly $16 USD fiat DCA to buy LTC.

Sent $14.37 USD worth of LTC to Blocktrades for 32.32 Hive tokens
Used the Swap feature in to deposit to Swap.Hive
Still had 0.27552815 Swap.Hive in Hive Engine from last week.

Sent 40.39 Hive and will receive 40.309 after a fee of 0.081 Hive
As of 3/3, I had 40.58452815 Swap.Hive to invest this week.

But I ended up doing my token buying, today, Saturday instead.
In the meantime, I received 0.00006151 Swap.Hive from hivehustlers
And my weekly Swap.Hive from bbhbot from holding BBH tokens.
That was 0.27220199 SWAP.HIVE

My total to invest turned out to be 44.21745287 Swap.Hive.


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 02/25: 116,143.639

2/26: Claimed and staked: 280.351 (124.234 from an email sent on 2/18 that was verified and paid, 124.234 from a Solo Mail sent 1/25 that was instantly verified and paid and 31.883 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 116,423.990

2/28 Claimed and staked: 63.739 New total: 116,487.729

3/1 Claimed and staked: 145.745 (Includes 113.854 from an email sent on 2/22 that was verified and paid and 31.891 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 116,633.474

3/2 Claimed and staked: 168.659 (Includes 136.723 from an email sent on 2/22 that was verified and paid and 31.936 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 116802.133

3/3 Claimed and staked: 168.805 (Includes 136.803 from an email sent on 2/22 that was verified and paid and 32.002‬ earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 116970.968

3/4: Claimed and staked: 32.032 New total: 117002.970
Used 6 Swap.Hive to buy LISTNERDS from the Buy Wall on the site at 0.003 Swap.Hive each
That got me 2000 more LISTNERDS to transfer in and stake.
New total: 119,002.970

2,859.331 (2.46%) increase in LISTNERDS this week
80,997.03 away from next goal of 200000 LISTNERDS
~60% of goal achieved



Total from 2/25: 3437
3/4: Used 24.99999950 Swap.Hive to buy 50 HE-INDEX tokens at 0.49999999 Swap.Hive each this week.
New total: 3487
About a 1.5% increase
4,513 away from next goal of 8000 HE-INDEX
~44% of goal achieved



Total from 02/25 : 1,466.726

2/26: Staked: 2.565 New total: 1,469.291

2/28: Staked: 4.538 New total: 1,473.829

3/1: Staked: 2.028 New total: 1,475.857

3/2: Staked: 2.684 New total: 1,478.541

3/3: Staked: 2.011 New total: 1,480.552

3/4: Staked: 2.495 New total: 1,483.047
Bought and staked 58 more LEO at 0.114983 Swap.Hive each
New total: 1,541.047

74.321 (5%) Increase in LEO this week
2,458.953 away from goal of 4000 LEO
~39% of goal achieved



Total as of 2/25: 81,255.44

2/26: Earned 1 from bbhbot 81,256.44

2/28: Earned 1 from bbhbot 81,257.44

3/2: Earned 2 from bbhbot 81,259.44

3/4 Bought 12680 more BBH at 0.00053 Swap.Hive each
New total: 93,939.44
12,684 (~16%) increase in BBH this week
6,060.56 away from goal of 100000 BBH
~94% of goal achieved


That’s about it for this week.
Have a great rest of your day and weekend.
See you next time.

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