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52 Weeks of Tracking My Hive Stacks Growth

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Just Figured This Out Yesterday

I’ve been doing these weekly Hive Stacks updates for exactly a year.
Of course, the best part of it was hitting Dolphin Status on Hive back in November of 2022.


Hive Power

At this time last year, 2/12/2022, I had 4512.872 HP
As of today 2/11/2023, I am at 5902.511 HP
Added 1,389.639 (~31%) HP to my account this year.

CTP Power

2/12/2022: 43111.047 CTP Power
2/11/2023: 65086.601 CTP Power

Increase of 21,975.554 (~51%) of CTP Power over the last year


2/12/2022: 41.921 staked LISTNERDS
2/11/2023: 110487.511 staked LISTNERDS

110,445.59 increase in staked LISTNERDS in the last year

Those are the three tokens that I have been tracking growth in for the whole year.

I am looking forward to more building this next year.

Now for my weekly progress report. I focused on buying LEO this week for the upcoming Leo Power Up Day on the 15th.


Friday Buy Day 2/11/2023

I started today with 2.786 Swap.Hive in my wallet on Hive Engine.

The $16 USD for my dollar cost average this week yielded $14.40 USD worth of LTC that I sent to Blocktrades for Hive.
I received 32.707 Hive from Blocktrades.
I used the Swap feature in to deposit them to Swap.Hive in my Hive Engine Wallet.
After a small fee of 0.065 Hive I will get 32.642 Swap.Hive.
I have 35.42870033 to invest this week.


LISTNERDS Staked on ListNerds

Total as of 02/04: 109920.550

2/5: Claimed and staked: 301.028 (270.943 from email sent on 1/28 that was verified and paid and 30.085 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 110221.578

2/6: Claimed and staked: 30.275 New total: 110251.853
Won 5 LISTNERDS from opening emails New total: 110256.853
2/7: Claimed and staked: 30.189 New total: 110287.042
2/8: Claimed and staked: 30.204 New total: 110317.246
2/9: Claimed and staked: 109.848 (79.643 from email sent on 2/1 that was verified and paid and 30.205 earned passively from staked LISTNERDS) New total: 110427.094
2/10: Claimed and staked: 30.240 New total: 110457.334
2/11: Claimed and staked: 30.177 New total: 110487.511

Increase of 566.961(0.5%) LISTNERDS tokens this week
89,512.489 away from goal of 200000 LISTNERDS
55% of goal achieved



Total from 2/4: 3359
2/10 Buy Day Purchase of 36 INDEX at 0.41899999 for a total of 15.08399964 Swap.Hive
New total: 3395

Increase of 36 (1%) HE-INDEX holdings this week
4,605 away from goal of 8000 HE-INDEX tokens
42% of goal achieved



Total from 02/4 : 1179.71

2/5: Staked: 3.031 New total: 1182.741
2/6: Staked: 1.798 New total: 1184.539
2/7: Staked: 1.842 New total: 1186.381
2/8: Staked: 2.276 New total: 1188.657
2/9: Staked: 2.495 New total: 1191.152
2/10: Staked: 1.905 New total: 1193.057
Buy day purchase of 150 LEO at 0.1270693 Swap.Hive each.
Total of 19.060395 Swap.Hive

Holding on to them for staking on LPUD this coming Wednesday 2/15

An increase of 13.347 (1.13%) staked LEO tokens this week.
2,806.943 away from goal of 4000 staked LEO
~30% of goal achieved



Total as of 2/4: 56144.44
2/10 Buy Day Purchase of 1630 at 0.005 Swap.Hive each
New total: 57774.44

Increase of 1630 (~3%) BBH tokens this week.
7,225.56 away from goal of 65000 BBH
~89% of goal achieved


That’s about it for this week.
See you next time and enjoy the rest of your day.

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