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#3StepsNoExcuses — We Have 1440 Minutes Each Day!

Today is Day 19 of the #3StepsNoExcuses Challenge!

When we say Get Dirty! here it means:

And get Active in the Community!

Join the Telegram group for Click Track Profit and stop in and network and build relationships!

Ask questions, Answer questions when you can!

Get on CTPtalk and start upvoting, commenting on, and sharing other peoples’ posts.

I know you’re asking how this will benefit you.

Here’s how! The more visible you are asking questions, answering questions, posting, upvoting, etc. the more you will get known.

Why is that important?

Because as people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Want to learn how to get better at email marketing?

Start subscribing to the email lists of successful email marketers. That’s how.

It is a great way to get mentoring for free! Read their emails and get hints on how to improve your subject headings, calls to action, email text, etc.

Hint: Make sure you’re getting the emails from Click Track Profit!

That’s just one list to which you should subscribe.

Subscribe to the lists of the influencers you follow on social media. It is very likely they have an email list. You’re following them so you must enjoy what they’re posting. So check out their email list.

1440 Minutes! That is the most we all have every day! Some people have less but no one has any more than that!

We all have obligations every day that take up our time. Work, school, family, etc.

You want to build your own business either online or off and that means you might need to learn new skills. Take a look at how you’re spending your down time.

What do you do when you come home from work? You have supper and then….

Sit in front of the television until bedtime?

What if you took one hour of that time in the evening or got up an hour earlier to spend that time on a new skill?

Something to think about, yes?

If you spend an hour a day every day learning a new skill or building a side hustle you could create an extra stream of income for yourself and your family.

Well that is all for Day 19! See you tomorrow!

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