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Just a Saturday Afternoon Blog Post

I live in Southeastern Wisconsin where the weather is always an adventure. Yesterday began several days of very cold weather. It’s called a Polar Vortex. We are just fortunate that we can stay in and be warm and cozy. My husband made chicken soup last night so we will be having that for supper this evening.

I am taking this afternoon to experiment with uploading a video and then embedding it on a post.

I am using tags on the post that will go to blogging platforms on the Hive blockchain. This will enable me to reach a wider audience with my content. Your content can’t be removed or your account shut down. Your content is your content. Always.

It will also help me to earn crypto currency. Yes, that’s right. You can earn crypto currency by sharing content on the blockchain. This is a nice little bonus to make it possible to begin from zero and build a business online.

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